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How To Begin Manifesting Your Authentic Desires

We are constantly manifesting. Our thoughts are forms of energy that hold within them the seeds of past, present, and future experiences. Each of these thoughts creates an energetic flow throughout and around our physical bodies, attracting other energies around it. Each thought you have informs your energy and your energy manifests into your real life experiences. Manifestation absolutely involves the mind, but it is also deeply connected to the heart. The heart is much more primal than the mind. It has not been trained and changed and filtered over years to think one way and see things another, but, instead, exists in its true, authentic state. The connection between the heart and the mind plays a key role in manifestation, because you cannot manifest something that the mind wants, but the heart does not. Simply thinking, I want more money is not going to create a more prosperous reality if the heart is really yearning for deeper, more fulfilling relationships. Your authentic, love-informed thoughts and energy create your reality. 1. Self-Love. Address, first and foremost, how you can take care of yourself and feel good internally.  Once you totally and completely are taken care of energetically, you will start to attract other positive energies and goodness in our life. Happy attracts happy, success, attracts success. Commit to your internal experience of feeling loved by yourself and attracted more greatness. 2. Find inner stillness. Continue your manifestation by getting honest with what you truly, authentically want – by forming that connection between your heart and your mind and tapping into your purity. The most common form of doing this is through seated meditations.  Each and every day carve some time out to sit in the feeling of what it is that you desire.  Close your eyes, deepen your breath, and allow each inhalation of rich, new, pure oxygen to fill your body with optimism and strength. Really sit with your desires – see it, believe it, feel it. If meditation is not accessible to you, find a practice that brings you to this space of stillness: writing, walking in nature, yoga, gardening, etc. Whatever activity you choose, allow your thoughts to inform your feelings and your feelings to take over your energy. 3. Send it out. Once you have connected to your most inner, pure desires, send whatever it is you want out into the universe. Put your mantra everywhere.  Write it down, say it out loud, read it on sticky notes, and think it, several times throughout your day. The only way to receive is to ask. 4. Be open. Be open to whatever comes your way. This requires a trust that the universe is listening, responding, and, most importantly, working in your favor - that the universe wants you to be happy, successful, loved, fulfilled, prosperous, and healthy. The events, experiences, and signs that come your way may not be exactly what you had expected, but continue to be open, to commit, and to trust that the greatness you are co-creating is on its way.

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