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Beating the Morning Blues

The first day of the work week is tough and sometimes coffee or green tea just isn’t enough to get you going. Whether you’re having trouble waking up, still recovering from a fun night out, or maybe just in need for motivation to get through the day, Mondays can be a drag. Here are some solutions to help improve your overall energy and snap you back into the groove!

  1. Apple A Day.
 Simple as that. Maybe add some peanut butter to it for a protein boost. However you eat it, know that the shiny red (or green)fruit is bringing you vitamin C, fiber, and complex carbs that will help to stabilize your blood sugar.
  2. Breath of Fire.
 Not just for dragons. This is a yogic breath that cleanses and energizes. You can do this anywhere—while sitting at your desk,standing on the crowded subway commute, or lying in your bed, wishing you still had a few more hours left to snooze. Start by exhaling forcefully through your nose, while tightening your abs towards your spine. Iinhale through your nose, allowing your breath to fill every corner of your body and relaxing your abs. Rapidly continue this pattern of powerful exhales and gentle inhales about ten times (or however many times feels good to you, but stop at 50 to prevent dizziness). Once you’ve completed the fire breath pattern, inhale deeply through your nose, and then exhale from your mouth (and if you’re by yourself, let out a long sigh). Sit or stand still for a few moments and feel energized!
  3. Music.
 Turn it up. And make sure it’s upbeat. If you’re still lying in bed, fun music that makes you want to get up and dance is always agood way to get you moving. Hopefully you have headphones that you can use while commuting or sitting at your desk. Try to listen to music for at least an hour to really energize your mind and spirit.
  4. Call your mama.
 Or you best friend. Or anyone you love. According to an article from Women’s Health Magazine, “Hearing a supportive,familiar voice prompts the brain to release oxytocin, a stress-fighting, mood-elevating hormone.” So don’t hesitate, dial those digits now, get your loved one talking, and experience that beautiful mood-elevating hormone. It not only benefits you, but also your loved one.
Still not feeling energized after any of these?
Try looking at the color yellow, orange, or a light purple, which are all believed to positively enhance your mood. Also, the scentof an orange or peppermint both have energizing qualities; if you have some orange or peppermint herbal tea on hand, grab some hot water and sniff away. Written by beloved Sakara intern, Anna Gjesteby Bio: Anna lives by the words with which her mother decorated her childhood kitchen: "Laughter is brightest where food is best." Passionate about living a well-balanced life, Anna has a love for nutritious and delicious foods, running, and yoga.  She graduated from Union College in 2012 with a major in English and a minor in Art History. *Image via here

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