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Let Us Rock Your World.

We are foodies.  

We are head over heels, to the core, body-and-soul in LOVE with food. We don’t just love it for its nutritional component, or its relationship to our health, or how it makes us feel, - we love it because its dang good and those tastes, textures, flavors, and aromas light our spirits on fire!

The average being has between 2,000 – 10,000 taste buds on their wiggly, wet, pink tongue that makes each and every bite you take totally and completely tantalizing. Each time a piece of food enters your mouth, these tiny buds pass on electrical impulses to the gustatory area of the cerebral cortex. Your brain interprets these sensations as taste and, combined with your sense of smell, translates it into flavor. Your body developed this adaptation for survival - your taste buds communicate with your brain in order to decide whether or not to swallow whatever is in your mouth.

Your journey to optimal vibrancy, health, and deep, genuine happiness does not have to bore you – and to be honest, should not bore you because then the likelihood that it will create lasting change is pretty slim. It should electrify each and every one of these thousands of taste buds and invigorate each and every ounce of your being. Your food should nourish, protect, fuel, and inspire you.

Don’t think it’s possible? We beg to differ.


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