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The Real New Year is Here

This April we are making an effort to consistently treat ourselves.  We have committed to taking time each day to share a little love with ourselves and show gratitude to the surrounding abundance we have by celebrating all that we are.

Along with this agreement to tickle our own souls and warm our own hearts, there is something grander occurring that deserves our attention. We have unknowingly entered into a New Year, according to the astrological calendar. It officially commenced on March 31st, which began with that eerie phenomenon that is the New Moon.

What does this mean? Well, the stars are aligned in our favor, stirring energy and fueling creative fire. 

Whether you consider astrological interpretations to be relevant and telling or read them as mere mumbo-jumbo, there are transcendent truths that the stars seek to speak. 

The New Moon marked a new beginning, a start. Most of us associate January 1st as the time to recommit to ourselves, set fresh intentions, and create new goals. But why not take this astrological new year as a chance to re-assess where we are and decide if our practices and habits are most serving us and who we want to be? Let’s have another New Years (More chances to celebrate!) 

Once again we can check-in with mind, body, and soul, and take honest stock of if we are nourishing all parts of ourselves. It is all too easy, all too human one might say, to get caught up in the day-to-day grind, and loose sight of the broader light-imbued and awe-inspiring reality. And it is in this reality that magic and miracles happen. So let’s pause and reassess with the start of this star-struck New Year. Let’s view it as a clean slate from which we can begin again; fertile ground from which to blossom. 

Another divine result of having both the sun and the moon in Aries, are the inescapable surges of powerful creativity that will flow naturally into our lives. Just imagine! An inspirational and excited energy showering down from the world of the sky asking us to be wildly creative. We have absolutely no control over this igniting of passionate Aries fire, so why not embrace it? Let’s commit to finding our most authentic form of personal  expression. Whether that be in the form of art, a favorite past time, our interactions with one another, or the tone and content of our thoughts - the outcome will be grand because we have the stars on our side. We are primed for success, all we need to do is put our trust in the sky and decide to act deliberately and with awareness as we move towards what we most desire, and become who we want to be. 

Let’s do it. Let’s invite this energy of personal transformation into our lives. Let’s continue to treat our selves by acknowledging our limitless potential. It’s time to manifest our inner goddess. We’ve got the universe on our side, and I think she’s pretty darn powerful.  


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