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Get Naked - Get Grounded - Get Healthy

We often talk about the importance of grounding with our Sakara community - removing ourselves from the chit chatter of the mind and reconnecting with the present moment. What most people don’t know is that groundingalso known as earthingis also a practice performed as a means of gathering electrical energy from the earth through physical touch. The earth is like a giant battery constantly being recharged by solar radiation and emitting this powerful source of energy and healing to everything and everyone it touches. By walking barefoot outside and digging your toes through the earth, the free electrons in Earth’s surface are absorbed directly into the skin. These electrons help regulate the systems of the body, improve internal functioning, restore overall balance, and promote restful sleep and sustained energy. The same way we recharge our cell phones, the cells in our body rejuvenate through contact with the ground’s natural electrical pulses.
While we would love nothing more than for you to kick off your shoes and frolic with abandon across fields, through streams, and over mountains, most of us do not have access to so many of nature’s beauties. So how do you achieve these healing benefits without touching nature’s tender soil?  Fill your body with plants that are pure, close to the ground, and in their natural state.Get to know these plants. Touch them, smell them, and focus on the array of textures and flavors as they enter your body. Let this practice be a means of connecting you to the earth and sky, a means of reawakening your primal kinship with the earth through your food. Each and every ingredient that goes into the Sakara program is naturally charged with the earth’s powerful energy. They are grown with familiar, conscious, loving hands to recharge and rejuvenate your body on a cellular level. It’s like eating the sunshine and allowing thatlight to shine from all of your being.   For more on the magic of grounding, check out our Grounding 101!

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