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Support Others' Dreams - Break Free

A year ago I wrote this for Sakara Life; a post about fear, my wedding, and change. It was probably the first time I ever allowed myself to wriggle out of my own self-induced boundaries. But most of the time, I need help!

I’ve been lucky enough to have people in my life help me get over my fears and insecurities. My husband, Dave, convinced me to surf and ski, my sister Leila dragged me to hot yoga way back when which sparked my love of the practice, and as recently as a couple of weeks ago some friends invited me to hike Topanga Canyon. All things I wouldn’t have had the initiative, and furthermore, the chutzspa, to do alone.

My nearly 60-year-old mother is a goddess. Literally, her name is Athena, which is quite fitting for an Iranian-born, engineer-turned-business-owner who modeled at the age of 50 nearly nude. It caused such a stir that the Dove Pro-Age campaign video was banned in the United States. One day we were chatting and I asked her, “What is something you’ve always wanted to do but have never done?” She immediately responded, “Act.” She didn’t skip a beat. I asked her why she hadn’t taken an acting class. “Honey, do you know how old I am?” she giggled.

For the next couple of months I was relentless in sending her links to the acting studio in her town, and every time we spoke I asked if she had signed up yet. Well, SHE FINALLY DID and now takes acting classes! She’s currently working on her Devil Wears Prada, Meryl Streep monologue. I can feel the glow of her smile through the phone line when she talks about it. I’m so proud of her.

Clearly my mother is an extremely capable woman with a lot of chutzpa, but maybe no one ever asked her that question. We are all a mixture of busy, lazy and afraid-of-failure, and it seems as we get older we sink deeper and deeper into the well of our own habitual nature. The sweet beauty we all have as friends, partners and family members is that we can be the rope that pulls others out of that well. And the best part is that by helping others, we inspire ourselves to do the same.

I recently moved to L.A. (I miss my Sakara!) and went out for my first surf this weekend. The water is freezing here -- of course we had wet suits -- but still! I didn’t want to go, but Dave dragged me in bouts of nervous laughter and uncomfortable silence. Somehow I made it into the water, and it was freezing! And I was scared! But it was FUN! The fear loosened up a bit and by the time we were out, I was ecstatic.

Sometimes, all it takes is help in the form of support or presence. Think of some people you would like to help, ask them about their dreams and figure out how you can help them overcome the obstacles and resistance in their path. Maybe you need to physically drive them somewhere, babysit their kids for an hour, cook them a healthy meal or invite them to do something inspiring. Or maybe it’s as small as recommending a book or making an introduction. Start off by trying to help one person a week. Let me know how it goes <3

Known lovingly as "coach" by many of her friends and students, Sheri has a knack for crawling into the minds of those around her and snapping them into action. Whether it is on the mat, cushion or street, she strives to help others realize their infinite potential. As a former Division I athlete and CPA, she has never stopped looking for a challenge to conquer so that she may teach others the same. Sheri teaches yoga and meditation in LA.X

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