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We're waking up with Lily Aldridge.

Recently, supermodel Lily Aldridge shared her morning routine with us on Vogue.com.

You know….those little secrets that help her wake up with that effortless GLOW, seamless RADIANCE, and open HEART.

Well it turns out you have more in common with Lily than you think: http://bit.ly/OPcuIV


Wake up with us. 

Like Lily, we want to help you manifest your best self in the form of deep detoxification, radiant skin, sexy body, calmed mind, sustained energy, and Sakara GLOW. We want to help you tap into your inner divine and waken the god(dess) from winter slumber - just in time for #SakraSpring.

You're already the center of the universe - time to make the outside reflect the inside.


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