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Eat Your Way to your BEST BODY with Sakara + MindBodyGreen!

Do you dream of having a body that you feel sexy in? Of feeling fabulous in your clothes and having skin that glows? Of looking and feeling AMAZING? Are you ready for transformation? Well, dear Sakaralites, we are here to kickstart your journey.  *     *     *     *     * We have paired up with the amazing team over at MindBodyGreen to bring you an exclusive video course that will teach you how to eat your way to YOUR Best Body. Throughout the 3 sections - Mind, Body, Food - we equip you with sustainable practices, our proven tips+tricks, and delicious sakara recipes that have helped thousands of people here in NYC get healthy and achieve the body they always dreamed of. In the Mind segments, we provide you with powerful visualizations that will help you discover what your best body looks and feels like. Together we will tackle those mental blockages that are holding you back via our time-tested practical tools. We’ll explore the inner workings of the Body as we take a look at our foundational Pillars of Health, and dispel some of the common myths that keep you entrenched in your routines.You’ll learn how to read food as nutrients - not calories! - and be equipped with the knowledge you need to optimize your nutrient intake and take steps towards looking and feeling sexy, strong, and unstoppable. In the Food portion of our videos, we’re coming straight into your kitchen to whip up some of our favorite Sakara recipes! It’s time to celebrate the powerful fuel, energy, and information you feed yourself on a daily basis, and the beautiful body that is intelligent enough to know how, where, and when to utilize it. Sign up today for our exclusive video course and allow us to help you transform, grow, and soar with our secrets to long lasting results!   Summer is just around the corner and we are celebrating every day with our brand new spring menu! Come celebrate with us xx

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