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What We Learned this Father's Day

In the west, we've grown up believing there is a strict divide between woman and man, with distinct characteristics attributed to each.

Femininitygentility, compassion, softness

Masculinityaggression, power, strength

But the truth is that both men and women embody both energies and the masculine and feminine in each of us are actually interlocked and dependent on one another in order to truly form a harmonious universal balance - we need both the yang (male) and the yin (female) in order to show up each moment as the highest form of ourselves.

We are lucky enough to have the capability to tap into either of these energies at any given time. There are situations, which call for us to embrace a nurturing feminine demeanor and there are times when a more confrontational masculine action is needed. While it is true that women tend to have more of the feminine energy than men - and visa versa - every person’s capacity for each varies by individual and it is essential to find that individual balance in your body in order to truly soar.


The strength of masculinity helps you develop a deep understanding of your intrinsic value, the lovingness of the femininity helps you develop a deep knowledge of the inherent value of others, and wisdom is created through the balance of the two. When, on the other hand, you have powerful strength and small amounts of love, you harm others. When you are filled with love, but are weak, you harm yourself. To balance the masculine (healthy strength) with the feminine (real love) renders truth (wisdom), while the imbalance of these 2 energies produces the opposite end of emotions: indifference, apathy, selfishness, weakness, hate, etc.

Shakti, the divine Kundalini energy that warriors such as Gabby Bernstein and Miranda Kerr are infamous for tapping into, surges through us when the masculine and feminine energies are balanced. When this occurs we are able to experience the full spectrum of our being, to seize our organic creative fire and express ourselves freely. We are open and able to give (masculine) and to receive (feminine) love for ourselves and for those around us. Once aware of the existence of two separate energies we can sense when we feel off balance and work to cultivate its opposite to restore our rightful synchronicity.

In honor of all of our Sakara Men, our fathers, brothers, sons, and friends, we are giving a nod to the masculinity that lies within all of us. 

Yes, Sakaralite, there’s a reason why you’re oh so strong and powerful.


Find your balance with Sakara

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