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Moon Watch: New Moon in Scorpio

This Thursday, we’ve got something special going on in our dear skies: a new moon in scorpio with a partial solar eclipse. 

Like any new moon, this change is a platform for growth. With an exceptionally charged period of time accelerating our emotions and actions, we are presented with an opportunity to put in some consciousness, reflection, intention, and work, and reap a whole world of delicious benefits. Bring it on.


Traits amplified: passion, resourcefulness, focus, perception, depth, questioning. This combination provides us with the ideal time to work on ourselves, achieve any lingering goals, increase our overall happiness, and elevate our level of living on a day to day basis (yes please!). Dream life, here we come.


Questions to ask: What are sources of negativity in my life? What do I regularly practice that is harmful? What makes me feel out of control?


What to go for: This is the time to dig deep and confront any and every obstacle standing in your way. Cleanse your life – physically, spiritually, and mentally – of all the junk and fill it with passion, motivation, and love. Dedicate yourself to one major undertaking in the next month or so, whether it be a relationship or personal goal of yours, and pour yourself into this challenge.


 What to watch out for: With the eclipse occurring at the same time, there will be a strong potential for foggy, lofty dreams, not strongly rooted in your sense of self. Stay connected to your intuition in order to distinguish which goals are coming from a place of love and which goals are coming from a place of fear. Do not over extend yourself with goals. Scorpio teaches us quality over quantity.

With this strong Scorpio energy radiating throughout, we have the opportunity to add depth to our lives, create purpose in our everyday, and make some very important life changes. Healing and serious transformation are within our grasps.

 We could not be more excited for this period of growth and hope you will join us! Where will you focus, what will you challenge, and how will you grow? We'd love to hear and you know we'd love to support you in anyway we can.

 Whatever you choose - do it with passion, do it with adventure, and god almighty do it with love!

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