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Everyone's Talking About It.

Trust your gut.

In case you haven’t noticed, everyone who's anyone is talking about the microbiome these days. It’s all the rage in the health community, particularly with those within the holisitic health community that view the body as one interconnected, wise, self-healing system. When you break down the roots of the word Microbiome, we find exactly what it means: tiny ecosystems. A little self-sustaining earth that is buzzing with beautiful life.

Go ahead, place your hand on your abdomen and feel your sexy microbiome breathe. 

Basically, the microbiome comes down to the the community of bacteria that exist in your gut, mouth, lungs, nasal passages, skin, and brain. There are over a trillion microorganisms inhabiting a human body, outnumbering our cells 10 to 1 (that means you are more bacterial then you are cellular!). In an age of hand sanitizers and flu shots, bacteria have been colored villainous and put on the naughty list. However, many of the strains of bacteria that naturally inhabit the body are so so vital to our overall health. There are an estimated 1,000 species of bacteria living in bodies, with the most dense populations found in our mouth and guts. They are a little army inside of us with immense power, working their butts off to keep us healthy. Friendly bacteria help us preform essential functions including digestion, appetite control, metbaolism function, mood stabalization, mental sharpness, and bone development. 

What we are discovering is that nothing in our bodies is wholly separate and one of the reasons doctors are taking such a keen interest in bacteria is because it can be a source, as well as a reflection, of illness in the body. We want the bacteria that occurs naturally in our body to THRIVE! Just like in all things there is helpful/harmful, good/bad, black/white, ying/yang. And just like in all things, balance is essential. Our microbiomes are naturally balanced, but the problem comes when we disturb the equilibrium. Factors such as stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, poor diet, harmful chemicals, and exposure to excess harmful strains of bacteria can put the microbiome out of balance. Recent studies are concluding that just by testing the bacteria in your microbiome, doctors can predict leanness with an astounding accuracy, in addition to potential fatal conditions including heart attack and stroke.

Luckily, when we eat a vast array of whole, organic foods, and stay away from the processed and chemically enhanced, we are sending in more support for the little universe inside of us. In fact, by restoring the healthy bacteria in the microbiome through a healthy diet, your body will be able to boost metabolism, shed fat, and reach an optimal weight - a change that can start to take effect in a handful of days. Supplement your meal with conscious deep breaths and some fresh air and sunlight and you are sending that internal community some serious life-changing LOVE.

So, throw that travel size anti-bacterial gel away, and commit to a clean, organic, whole food, loving diet. By doing so you’ll show some gratitude to that amazing body of yours. While some A-listers pay personal chefs to help cultivate their internal garden (we're looking' at you, Madonna), you have us. Sign up now for the Sakara Life and start fueling the good bacteria in your body a healthy blend of fiber, water, and micronutrients that will help keep their world (and yours!) blooming beautifully.

There’s a lot going on that we do not fully understand, but we do know is that we are intricately designed creations of vastly unexplored territory. How complex and marvelous you are just by existing, darling Sakaralite.



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