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Your Holiday Cocktail Recipe + Post Weekend Detox Are Here!

Eat clean, play dirty.

Let down your hair, bury your toes into the sand, and perch that colorful umbrella on the side of your favorite fruity cocktail - the holiday weekend is HERE and you deserve every ounce of delicious play.

When it comes to weekend eats, don't forget our #1 rule for all holiday parties: THERE ARE NO RULES

Sign up now(!) for your post-weekend detox, so that you can totally and completely savor that classic American BBQ, knowing that body-balancing, loving goodness will be waiting at your door first thing Monday morning. We promise to get you back on track - one tantalizing bite at a time - so all that's left to do is relax, enjoy, savor, chew, sip, notice, soar.

Cheers to you, Lady Liberty.


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