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It's Good to Be "Bad"

One thing that really upsets me as a nutritionist is people’s idea that health is all or nothing. There is no black and white when it comes to your wellness and going to extremes is bad for your mind, and your body. Often I have clients come to me and express feelings of guilt after eating a food they have deemed “bad” or naughty, and this is a mindset I want people to break free from. Of course we all know the pillars of healthy living revolve around eating fresh, whole foods, but we are humans. We have been exposed to cupcakes and doritos and if there is something we LOVE to eat, well I’m here to tell you go ahead. It’s good to be “bad."


1) It’s Good for Your Soul: Life would be so boring if you couldn’t enjoy the foods you loved. Its one of life’s greatest pleasures and one of the oldest traditions in society to enjoy good food with good people. How good do you feel after baking a yummy dessert or cooking a nice meal and enjoying it with loved ones? How good does it feel to split a few bottles of wine with a group of girlfriends after work? How good does it feel to have a piece of dark chocolate at night while you unwind? Pretty freaking great if you ask me. Give your soul some love, and some Brie cheese.

2) It Raises Your Metabolism: If you’re going to go balls to the wall and have a decadent meal on the weekend, the giant increase in food consumption actually gets your body guessing and can speed up your metabolism! There’s a thermogenic effect of digesting food which helps keep your metabolism fired up. Okay, fine I’ll have another.

3) It Gives you More Motivation and Willpower: You’ve eaten totally healthy all week, using moderation, eating lots of whole foods and plant based meals. Then the weekend rolls around and it’s packed with social plans. Do you fret about a boozy brunch or indulgent dinner party? Nope. You have a fun, food filled weekend and I’ll bet by the time Monday rolls around you’re longing for your Sakara Life nourishing meals, and not wanting to look at pizza until next weekend.

4) YOLO: Imagine missing out on parts of life because you’re dieting or trying to be healthy? That’s silly. You’re in Italy and avoiding pasta because of the “evil carbs?” That’s just wrong. Your grandma made your favorite brownies but you already had chocolate? YOLO. Eat the brownie. Add a scoop of ice cream. Its called living life. You should always do what makes your body feel good and not give yourself any strict rules when it comes to eating.

Personally I don’t see why someone shouldn’t indulge in treats, as long as you’re eating healthy the majority of the time. It’s about moderation, not limitations. So go on, be bad, and thank me later.


Bailey Brown is a Toronto based fitness instructor and nutrition expert. Bailey is currently studying holistic nutrition at he Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and specializes in teaching ballet barre, kickboxing and bikini bootcamp fitness. Hobbies and interests include blogging at www.baileybrown.ca, baking gluten-free vegan treats, kale smoothies, travel and instagramming post-workout selfies at @bodybybailey.

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