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How to Clear a Space for Creation

As many of you know, the Sakara team recently moved into a new home. A bright, sunny, expansively beautiful Soho loft that is perfectly ripe for some serious Sakara creation. If you can believe it, this loft came directly from Whtiney+Danielle’s dreams back when Sakara was taking its first baby steps. Years of hard work, trust, and love has turned this once upon a time thought into a very real thing. But that’s another story.


Your space is not only a reflection of your inner self, but also very seriously affects your inner self. As you give to your space, your space gives to you. If you bless your home and fill it with love, it becomes a holder and supporter of your dreams. So how did we turn the new Sakara HQ into a powerful dream-maker? Read on.

  • Look Inside. Before stepping into the space it’s important that everyone looks inside and evaluates where they are and what they are bringing in. Ask everyone to spend some time engaging in whatever nurturing, loving practice speaks to them before entering for the first time. Could be yoga, meditation, a sweat lodge, or soaking in a salt bath (salt helps purify the body and remove any negative energies) - do it thoroughly and do it lovingly.
  • Clear everything that has happened in that space before your arrival OUT by using sage, sandalwood, lavender, or patchouli incense. Open the windows and walk throughout your new space dragging the lit incense around the perimeter, spending extra time in corners and door frames. Allow all past, negative energies to leave out the window, so that you have a clean slate to play with.

  • Create an altar. This will serve as an inspiring, energizing spot that anyone in in your space can access at anytime. Include the following 6 elements: candles (fire), incense (air), fresh flowers or plants (wood), a small bowl with pure water (water), bells (metal), crystals (earth). Add in anything else that is sacred to you, gifts from others who you want to include in the space, mantras that you wish to embody, pieces with powerful experiences you want to remember. Ask the members of your new space to each bring in something they’d like to add to the altar as well.

  • Opening ceremony. Host a ceremony to bring everyone into the new space. Ideally this ceremony will take place after the space has been cleared and before the majority of the move-in has occurred. Have everyone sit on pillows on the floor in a circle and lead the group through meditation and visualization to help everyone arrive. Have each member check in with the group, present their gift to the altar, and share their hopes for the space. Each member should close their check in with a mantra they wish to share before passing it on to the next person. Close the ceremony with a final meditation in which collectively you speaks words, ideas, things, goals, and even people you all want to manifest in this new space.
  • After the ceremony, introduce light + sound. Light and sound are two very effective yang treatments that also help remove negative energies. Together, open the windows, light several candles, and, using the bell from the altar, ring the bell in all corners of the room. Spend extra time ringing the bell in any spot where you notice the sound does not dispel as clearly.

  • Last, but certainly not least: turn on music and move! Whether you are moving into a new space or looking to clear an old one, joy is the number one emotion that will help truly cleanse and reclaim it. At this point, you’ve brought in new energy in the form of scent, light, sound, thought, and spoken word, now bring in some movement. Let the space soak up everyone’s last drop of sweat, hope, passion, and heart.


We suggest this blessing practice before moving into a new space, after a big life event, and when you just need to shake things up.


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