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Is Coffee Bad For Me?

Coffee gets a bad rap. We’re told it’s toxic - an addictive stimulant that straps us onto a rollercoaster of energy boosts, crashes, and anxieties, all while wrecking our fragile adrenals. Many experts in the health and wellness world advocate replacing your morning coffee with green juice, matcha tea, or yerba mate (and if that works for you, power to ya!), but, here at Sakara, we don’t advocate anything other than feeling undeniably, insatiably, irresistibly amazing. And sometimes that involves a steamy, creamy cup of joe.  

We constantly get stress-induced emails from our clients asking us “Can I drink coffee on Sakara?” “Will coffee reverse the effects of my Sakara cleanse?” “Will drinking coffee prevent me from getting the results I seek?”. 

Short answers? 

Yes – No – No.

At Sakara, we don’t just preach balance, we live that mantra on a day-to-day basis. We eat clean the vast majority of the time – fresh, healing, hydrating, insanely nutritious whole foods and drinks that LOVE our bodies - and allow ourselves soul-nourishing indulgences when our lives call for them. We don’t think twice about that morning coffee, glass of wine, or piece of chocolate because we know our bodies can handle them all and we know how important it is to live a lifestyle that feeds your body + spirit all at once. A lifestyle that is delicious, sustainable, invigorating, and sustainable. 

So does coffee go on the NO! list? Trick question: there is no NO! list.

Should you avoid the toxic additives we often lace our lattes with? Without a doubt.

Should you put in a little more effort to balance out the effects of coffee with calming herbs, hydrating foods, and healthy fats? Now you’re getting the hang of things.

Here are our #sakarasecrets to making your daily cup o’ joe a healthy part of your Sakara LIFE:

~ Don’t down your coffee first thing in the morning. Water should always be the first thing you put into your body when you rise in the morning. It awakens your organs and stimulates your digestive system so that your body can start cleansing before you’ve even had your breakfast. Hydrate your body with at least 1 glass of water before reaching for the caffeine. Squeeze in some lemon for for extra alkalizing bonus points.

~ Rather than diluting your coffee with hard-to-digest dairy products, go for an organic nut milk! They taste great and have lots of added nutrients. Even better, make your own! We love Danielle’s homemade nut milk recipes because they are downright delicious and they sneak in so many of the nutrients that help our bodies balance out the coffee. Not to mention we can trust that they are free of any processed ingredients.

~ Ditch the artificial flavorings! This time of year our tastebuds are salivating for pumpkin spice lattes, but we can guarantee our bodies aren’t craving all those additives. Make your own pumpkin spice latte by adding anti-oxidizing and curative spices. Cinnamon + nutmeg + cardamom gives your coffee a sweet, metabolism-boosting, blood sugar stabilizing, spiced kick!

~ Swap the chemically-laden creamers for immune-boosting coconut oil! The oil gives your coffee a creamy taste, and its medium chain triglyceride fats are burned by the body for energy rather than stored as fat. Additionally, coconut oil’s antiviral, antifungal and antimicrobial properties help your body to ward of germs and boost your immunity. If you are craving something new, try adding organic ghee! Great for balancing any hormone imbalance and boosting metabolism first thing in the morning.

~ Send your adrenals and hormones some LOVE by mixing in any of the following: maca, cardamom, turmeric, ashwagandha, holy basil, mint, bee pollen (not all at once, please!). Your morning coffee just transformed into a seriously healing elixir. Looking for a killer morning coffee recipe? Check out Whitney's Coconut Coffee Latte here!

~ Turn your cup of coffee into a spiritual morning ritual. Reserve this precious moment in the morning for yourself. Relax into each sip, breath deeply in between, and reflect on your intentions for the day ahead. What steps will you take towards your dreams, what magic will you play with, what goals will you achieve? Put everything OUT into the universe so that it begins to take form.

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