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Can We Talk About Something Real Quick?

Let's talk.
We’d like to sit down with you for a moment, hold your hand (do you mind??), and explain a little something...
We’re different. 
We’re not your average girls.
We don’t make your average food.
And we most certainly have not created your average program. 

In other words: we don’t follow rules because we believe rules are meant to be broken.

The holiday season is just around the corner and we are very aware of  the level of stress they can bring. You feel it in your heart, hear it in your mind, and see it in your body. Gifts, parties, travel, sweets. There’s not enough time to workout, sleep, or prepare healthy dinners, and you know the second you get to your parents' house, you are going to be greeted with every single one of your favorite foods in the world (can we come?).

Each year we sit here around our sparkly, round, manifestation table and think about how we can help you have the best holiday season of your LIFE. What tools can equip we you with? What recipes should we share?  How can we fill you to the brim with nothing but LOVE and help you feel nothing but GOOD?

Meanwhile, we watch as our inboxes are inundated with Secrets to Help you Tackle that Holiday Weight Gain!: eat before you go to the party, fill up on vegetables first, bring snacks with you everywhere you go, exercise before you leave the house.

And we furrow our eyebrows, send soothing breaths to our hearts, and always, always come back to the fact that the holidays aren’t about your waist line - they’re about your heart.

Life isn’t about your wasit line – it’s about your heart.  About re-filling your heart with love, compassion and gratitude that will carry you through the tough winter months. It's about traditions, family, warmth, and giving. It's about remembering to care about others, -- even people you may not know -- and allowing those connections to fill your beating heart with love that shines out through whole body like sunbeams (glow, baby, GLOW!).

As backwards as it may sound, ditching the rules is what finally allowed us to have a healthy holiday season and, more importantly, a healthy life. We learned how to live in each present moment, soak up the energy of our loved ones, and eat some pretty drool-worthy foods that fed our insides and fueled our daily actions. We learned what it felt like to be happy, radiant, healthy, satisfied, grateful, and loving, and how achieving this organically leads to treating our bodies well in every single capacity. 

The result? Something we desperately want you to experience.

Get started today.

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