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How to Start your Best Body Journal

1. Take toll of how you feel and where you are, today, at the very start of your Challenge. Check in with yourself on paper. What are you leaving behind in 2014? What are you creating in 2015? What intentions will you hold close to you as you embark on this 4-week challenge? What will you create? Be super specific with every detail – that is the KEY to manifestation. 2. Commit to writing every day. If structure suits you well, carve time out first thing in the morning to sit down with your journal and pen and write. Anywhere between 1-4 pages is usually a good amount length, but, then again, who are we to put limitations on your spirit?? Most of us are clearest first thing n the morning, so it’s very easy to access out inner voice. Please know that this is not the only way to successfully complete your Best Body Spirit journal! The only thing that matters is that you write every day without any inhibition. The style, voice, and even grammar do not – we repeat DO NOT – matter! Can’t think of anything to write? Write about your day yesterday, or what you feel right now in thos moment, or how you feel about journaling. Do not get stuck feeling like you have nothing to write about! That just means you have some cob webs to dust off before you really and truly start flowing. 3. Write everyday. Don’t give up. Don’t beat yourself up. You are doing it 100% correctly! Trust and write, write and trust. 4. Because this is specially reflective of your experience on the Challenge, sprinkle some extra consciousness on how your feeling in your body. How are your energy levels? Your cravings? Your love life? How do you feel towards the food you are putting in your body? How do you feel towards your body? 5. On your last day of the challenge, write about your journey. The highs, the lows, the takeaways, and the one of a kind ah-ha moments that no one will ever be able to take away from you. 6. When you have a slice of time post-challenge, read your journal from start to finish. You will be shocked to see how much you think you’ve grown, versus how much you actually grew! The person on day 1, struggling to find words, a little worried about how everything would play out, but still filled with hope? We know she seems foreign and even a bit alien, but it just goes to show how far some consciousness, trust, and self love can take you in this world.

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