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Raw Honey for Glowing Skin

Honey. What a sweet sweet elixir. Its uses date all the way back to ancient times, but we seem to have forgotten them, only now beginning to tap back into its magical powers. From the skin to the immune system, honey can work wondrous effects on the human body.

For today, I want to address its benefits for a glowing complexion with a quick guide to your go-to honey skincare regimen:


Raw honey makes an amazing face wash. It has anti-bacterial properties and is chock full of probiotics and enzymes that are beneficial for the skin. It acts gently, wiping away bacteria and oil while leaving the skin hydrated. Its way of stripping away the bad and leaving the good makes it especially great for acne prone skin.

Keep a small jar of raw honey along with a spoon in the bathroom for easy access. When you go to use, lightly wash the face with warm water and then massage on a little less than a teaspoon gently. If you want it’s antibacterial properties to really work in on those pores, leave the honey on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing away.


To give your skin a little pick-me-up, mix up a face mask with honey, yogurt, and flax meal. Smear it across your face, and let it sit for 10 minutes before rinsing off. They honey will work into those pores, treating blackheads, excess oil, and acne, while the yogurt and flax help to slough off the top layer of dead skin. Afterward you’ll notice skin that is plump with moisture and a dewy glow. What’s better than that?


Raw honey is well respected for its healing properties. It is both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory all in one go. Even modern day medicine touts it’s effectiveness. For cuts and burns, one of the best things you can do is to apply raw honey. Even better, pick up raw Manuka honey which is harvested from bee’s pollinating Manuka flowers, otherwise known as tea tree. Slather it on your wound and dress it appropriately to heal skin fast. If you really must pop those pimples, mix up some raw honey and tea tree oil to apply directly following. I find that this works wonders at healing the puncture, but also at preventing it from growing back into another gleaming white head.

There you have it! A little sweetness for your skin goes a long way. Let us know your favorite way of using raw honey medicinally and let's all get [sakara] GLOWing!

Naomi Huober is the writer and photographer behind Numie Abbot  She has a passion for living a healthy life, and enjoys adventure above all else. On the weekends you’ll find Naomi at a hot yoga class, volunteering at her local urban farm, or cooking up a delicious meal with friends. She lives in Philadelphia with her amazing boyfriend, sidekick canine Marley, and the cat she’s grown to love, Dot. Follow Naomi on Instagram for a further peek into her adventurous life.

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