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Feeling a bit off this week?

Chances are, things have felt crazy this week.

Everything's been going wrong, emotions are haywire, interactions with people feel bizarre, and you are navigating waves of feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, frantic, lost, misguided, and removed.

You've felt wild, as if your energy is dispensing like sun rays in a million different directions, yet no one seems to be receiving it.

As vulnerable, uncomfortable, and, at times, scared as you may feel, know that you are exactly where you need to be.

The fact that you have been feeling all of these things means you are tapping into the strong universal current of the moon. As many of you know, the moon moved into Leo Tuesday night in all its full, sparkly glory, sending a ripple of dynamic, unyielding, ferocious energy out into the world for us to play with. Take a deep breath and give over to the lion’s assertion of his strength, so that, rather than fighting the current tirelessly, you can do just that: play.

This full moon in Leo is a time for courage. For tapping into the heart and sharing all of her contents with the outside world in a way that feels creative, bold, and authentic. Stop resisting the turbulent energy of the new moon and start saying YES to all of it, and to all of the transformation that it is guaranteed to inspire. To help tap into your inherent creative energy, increase your sleep, hydration, and intake of greens. Flip your head over, shake out your mane, sit back up and let out a roar - we’re right there roaring along with you.

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