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Success Is Made In the Morning

What is the first thing you do in the morning? Do you grab your phone, check your email, turn on the TV? Or do you welcome your day with your favorite affirmation, a breath work practice, and an external acknowledgment of what you are grateful for? From your mental disposition to your physical activity and, yes, to your nutrition – your day’s success is set in these first precious hours.

The foods that people grab first thing in the morning tend to be too much or too little - or not at all. The importance of consuming a healthy breakfast is deep-rooted, widespread, and established and we are not here to preach breakfast is the most important meal of your day. Or wait - are we? ;) 

Energy levels, focus, mood, metabolism, weight maintenance, hunger levels. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.   While you sleep, your body is still using energy. After waking up in the morning, your body has actually used up all of its energy stores attached to your liver (glycogen), which it needs in order to complete normal daily functions. If these stores are not replenished with food (we're talking to you, breakfast-skippers!), your body will start to break down your lean body mass (muscle!) to supply it with energy until lunch rolls around.

In addition to these depleted energy stores you're also waking up to slow metabolic function and low digestive fire. When you throw something heavy in there (i.e. bagel and cream cheese, muffin, power bar), your body is not quite ready to complete proper nutrient assimilation, resulting in a malabsorption of the nutrients, increased amount of stored fat, and a fatigue that you just cannot shake. When you throw a quick-fix in there (i.e. cereal, fruit, toast), your digestive system rummages through it quickly, absorbing, storing, and eliminating the nutrients at a rapid pace, spiking your blood sugar and leaving you with a grumbling tummy 2 hours later.

If you eat that same yogurt parfait for breakfast every morning you're filling your body with the same nutrient profile every. single. day. Not to mention you are lulling your spirit to sleep with boredom! When you switch it up, you are nourishing your body with a much broader array of macronutrients, amino acids, vits, minerals, and antioxidants that help keep different parts of your body healthy and vibrant. We know how hard it is to make - let alone find - a different healthy breakfast made of fresh, whole, clean, inspiring ingredients every single day when you're rushing to that morning meeting…

Enter: Sakara. 

Each Sakara breakfast is designed to slowly, consciously, and lovingly welcome your body into a day of utmost success with sweet kisses, supportive comments, and a motivational kick in the booty! We’ll let you in on a couple of our breakfast secrets that keep your metabolism cranking, your energy levels stable, your brain sharp, and your spirit soaring for the rest of the day:

Magical carb-fiber-protein combination: Getting the right ratio of these major nutrients directly correlates to your blood sugar levels for the day. Carbohydrates - your body's preferred energy source - are essential first thing in the morning when your body is calorie-deprived from sleepingPairing it with the correct amount of fiber and protein ensures that your hunger stays at bay for hours on end and that your body is able to reassume hormone secretion, elimination, and other critical processes associated with growth, maintenance, and repair.

Healthy fats: Not only are healthy fats energizing, skin-hydrating, and a huge contender in keeping you fuller longer, but they will also clear your brain of any lingering fog.

Vitamin C + D: Two vital nutrients that help hydrate the body (so important in the morning!), boost immunity, and jumpstart your energy levels first thing. A must in every breakfast.

Spice: Include stimulating spices that get your digestive system revving, including allspice, basil, cardamom, cayenne, cloves, fresh ginger, rock salt, rosemary, and turmeric 

Antioxidants: Although you may think this is just for the GLOW, antioxidants directly affect the amount of ATP (energy form for your cells) in your body. 

And what about the moments leading up to breakfast? Check out our simple 3-step morning routine to set the mood: http://bit.ly/1nGhZd2 

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