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Superfood LOVIN': Raw Cacao!

What they are:

Cacao is a South American dried seed that is often smashed, blended, and cooked to create world-wide popular products such as chocolate and cocoa butter. Raw Cacao itself can come in three different forms: whole beans, nibs, and powder. In its raw, unprocessed state, raw cacao is a potent superfood, filled with beautiful, health-enhancing, vibrant properties that will make you glow from the inside out! 

Why we LOVE them:

Raw cacao boasts the highest number of antioxidants of any whole food in the world, protecting against toxins in your body and helping prevent disease. The antioxidants in cacao work to destroy free radicals that occur in your cells and tissues from metabolic processes and from environmental factors such as cigarette smoke and chemical solvents. Overtime, a build up of free radicals in your body can damage your cells and accelerate the aging process, as well as increase chances of heart disease and cancer. The flavanoids in raw cacao specifically help promote cardiovascular health by improving circulation, regular heart beats, and blood pressure.

Cacao is the number 1 source of magnesium in any food – a vital nutrient that the majority of Americans are deficient in today. We are not shy about our love for Magnesium and you can read all about why Whitney's family thinks of it as a cure-all superstar nutrient here. For one thing, magnesium works to balance the chemistry of your brain by acting as a muscle relaxant that is associated with calmness. It will reduce the harmful occurrence of stress in your life (yes, stress bad for your health!) and encourage restful sleep at night. It also helps keep bones healthy and strong by assisting in the absorption of calcium into the bones. 

Chocolate doesn't just make you happy because it tastes so good. Cacao is a complex little seed packed with a variety of neurotransmitters including, Anandamide (the “bliss’ neurotransmitter), SeratoninDopamine, and the transmitter that stimulates the release of endorphins in the brain. All of these neurotransmitters work as anti-depressants, enhancing your ability to focus, increasing your experiences of pleasurable sensations, and elevating your mood for longer.  

How we get our fix:

One of our clients’ all time favorite breakfasts are our Raw Cacao-Mint Bites. These little guys are made of raw cacao, almonds, raisins, cashews, agave, vanilla, mint and start our mornings off with the energy, mood, and overall health boost that we want from our food! We are starting to spread this decadent oh-so-good-for-you love even further by adding a Raw Cacao flavor to our Sakara Superfood Snacks. They will be up for sale for your body-lovin' pleasure soon!

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