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Realign Your Energy to Match the Magic of the Summer Solstice

Do you find yourself sneaking into the sun any chance you get? Are you planning road trips along the sea or skipping restaurants in favor of park picnics? Are your bones aching to dance, your skin calling for the wind?

These cravings for sweet summer adventures are proof of your alignment with the universe and a sign that you are ready to step completely into everything this season has to offer.

The summer solstice, celebrated on June 21 this year, marks the pinnacle of summer energy, the spark that will light your internal flame for creation, celebration and love for the months that follow.

Scientifically speaking, the solstice marks the two times a year when the sun reaches its highest potential in sky as the Earth reaches its maximum tilt at23° 26'. It is the longest day of the year with the sun sharing its brilliance for 15 glorious hours.

Energetically, the solstice marks the time of year when yang energy is its strongest. Yang is the outflowing of creative energy, perfectly priming us to step into our passion, connect more deeply with others, celebrate ourselves and manifest ideas into reality. The abundance of sunshine is a mirror to our internal abundance, which is just waiting to be transformed into our reality.

Yang energy, however, is also associated with masculinity, dominance, and aggression. The same energy that propels our actions can lead to overexertion, dehydration, wipeout and full-on chaos when not kept in check. Balance is needed on a momentary, daily and seasonal basis and absolutely key to fully reaping the benefits of this bounty of yang.

The secret is actually hidden within the word itself. Solstice comes from the Latin words sol, meaning sun, and and stare or sistere, meaning to stop or stand still. To keep the yang energy from flowing out of control, we must slow down and consciously clear out negative energy to make room for the empowering energy of the solstice.

Eat cooling, hydrating fruits and vegetables that sooth and cleanse your insides. Swig a cooling green juice instead of iced sweet treat. Exhale though a gentle flow rather than heat up with an afternoon run. Escape the city to stick your toes in the grass and soak your body in the salty sea. Put down the smartphone and pick up a book.

The universe is the quiet undercurrent that wants to help move us in the direction of our sexiest, most empowered selves, but we have to tap into that current, recognize its power and then work with it to make the most of its magic. The solstice is one of the best occasions all year long to honor the Earth’s magnificence and tap in for optimal results.

Allow us to help you turn the solstice into the spark that sets you free. Sign up for five day or 20 day program and let us hydrate and ground you with nutrient-dense, cooling salads. We’ll leave the pleasure of creation to you.

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