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How Whole Foods Set Your Sex Life on Fire

Your morning green juice is an aphrodisiac, that lunchtime salad is a love potion, and those roasted brussels sprouts are libido boosters. No, we're not joshing ya.

Eating well, munching mindfully, and choosing greens are all integral elements of an active, toe-tingling sex life.

The very most basic sexual benefit of eating well is confidence. A woman who loves and treats her body well, who feels comfortable in her own skin and in control of her mind, is the sexiest women in the world, no matter her size or preferred shoe brand.

Taking care of yourself through a wholesome, nutritious diet is the very first step towards radiating from the inside out. Your confidence simultaneously attracts others and supports the swagger that inspires you to smile at a stranger or surprise your lover.

Turned On

Physically, a nourishing, whole food diet leads to more energy, increased stamina and overall strength. It provides the fuel that gets you through SoulCycle or a power Vinyasa flow, then multiplies, invigorating the possibilities in your bedroom.

A plant-based diet also hydrates our bodies leading to clear, glowing skin and smooth insides. For example, fatty acids found in sunflower seeds and raw pumpkin can remedy vaginal dryness.

A plant-based diet also has the happy effect of clearing arterial walls, increasing blood flow and relaxing blood vessels, leading the way to multiple orgasms.

Cutting the crap out of your diet — we’re talking overly processed grains, dairy, meat and sugar — also removes toxins that hinder your sex drive on a hormonal and chemical level.

For example, many commercial forms of meat come from animals who have been pumped with antibiotics since birth. These antibiotics and hormones work their way into our blood stream, skewing our balanced hormonal and nervous systems.

Sugar is another unsuspecting sex killer. It lowers testosterone and causes stress and anxiety to spike, your energy plummeting afterwards.

“The biggest culprit that continually knocks sex hormones out of balance is sugar in all its many forms (including all flour products), which raises insulin and creates a hormonal domino effect. ,” Dr. Hyman wrote on his blog earlier this year. If you're craving something sweet, see if you can take all that pent up energy and take it our on your loved one.

Mind Games

Mentally, clean eating also translates into a clear mind, which helps you get in touch with your own sexual energy.

This gives you the power to consciously work though your emotions, create boundaries when necessary, completely open up when you’re ready, and know exactly what you want, where. There is so much going on around us these days that it's hard to connect with our bodies, and even harder to access that sexual space within each of us. A strong mind and sense of self paves the way to deeper connections, clear communication and better, more authentic sex.

A 2012 study published in the Nutritional Journal even found that vegetarians tend to be happier and less stressed than meat eaters, which could come down to the presence of omega-6 fatty acids that can disturb mood.

Spiritually, a body free of toxicity is the entry point to a mind full of positivity, faith and trust. A clean diet clears the way to a deeper spiritual practice, intensifying all of your senses and allowing you to connect with your partner from a place of stability rather than stress. This spiritual connecting in the bedroom is what eventually will allow you to take flight!

Play Time

A commitment to health often means coming up with your own creations in the kitchen. Our favorite meals aren’t found in a trendy restaurant or bar: they’re the ones that we envision, shop for, and make with our own conscious hands.

Cooking at homes means candles, a curated playlist, juicy smells, and time spent alongside your lover. Planning meals, visiting a local farmers’ market or grocery store, and preparing a meal are incredible opportunities to spend time together, reconnect and relax — which often leads to an extra special dessert. Best part is - when you keep your food squeaky clean, there are no limitations as to where on or in the body they can go. Happy playtime, Sakaralites!

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