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Welcome to The S-Life Magazine!

The launch of The S-Life Mag has been a dream of ours for years.

It's a place to discuss, celebrate, and dig into all parts of the Sakara Life, from the food we eat, to the sanctuaries we live and work in, to how and why we love. It's a place of nourishment, discovery, sound investigative science, and discussion, with a little bit of XXX thrown in here and there. It's a place for us to chat with you and a place for you to come learn how to master your very best version of the Sakara Life.

The S-Life Magazine is divided into six sections, which mirror our pyramid of health and the parts of our lives that we must balance and nourish for a fertile bed of manifestation.

Food: It all begins with food. We’ll dive into the science behind how and why a plant-based, superfood-packed diet changes the composition of your body and clears your mind.

Home Base: Our physical space has an incredible impact on our energy. We’ll explore ways to transform your home or office into a sanctuary, adventure around town highlighting our neighborhood hang outs, and help you create homemade products.

Love: There is no greater purpose than to love; love for yourself, a partner, your friends and family. Love for oneself is the grounding for all great relationships so we look at ways to build up that love before bringing in strategies, ideas and techniques for transforming every interaction in your day into a holy interaction.

Discover: Education is the brain’s greatest superfood. We experiment and play with new workouts, energy healers, products and practices to give you insights and options for creating your best life.

Body: From mitochondria to face masks, we’ll investigate how our bodies work, what we can do to optimize their miraculous operation, and highlight their role in manifesting our thoughts.

Take Flight: Each and every element of your life is integral to living your ideals, but this final step is what truly turns an idea into reality. We explore meditation, neural pathways and the act of change for our readers ready for the leap.

We’re so excited to share an incredible wealth of information with you and learn alongside you as we navigate new information and findings for creating the most beautiful life possible.

Welcome home, Sakaralite.

With Love,

Whitney + Danielle

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