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Sakara Glossary: Sakara

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SAKARA (Suh - ka - rah), noun

Origin: Sanskrit

The manifestation of thoughts to things; with form.

The ancient Sanskrit word translates directly to “with form.” It refers to the manifest aspects of Braham in the Hindu religion, which is best described as the highest absolute reality, the creative principle that is realized in the world.

It is the process by which ideas and dreams are given physical form, a process that combines the ever supportive, loving universe and individual effort. The universe is constantly realigning to provide us the fertile bed of circumstances needed to support our internal desires. It’s our greatest co-collaborator given we are ready to work and to receive.

Sakara, this physical manifestation of our internal desires, requires a clean body and clear mind in order to hear the whisperings of our heart, see the suggestions hidden in situations and vibrate at the highest possible energy.

The opportunity to share what we've learned about nutrition and creation through Sakara Life is manifestation in its finest form. It is our mission to help you create the body of your dreams and translate that physical strength and mental clarity into creating the career, relationship and life of you've always imagined.

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