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Our Gift to Mother Nature: Eating Well to Save the Planet

Sakaralites know plenty about how much a plant-based diet does to fuel our bodies and our desires, but how much do you know about its effect on the planet?

Mother Nature provides us with so many amazing gifts, from the incredible healing power of whole, organic foods to the ocean waves and green fields where we can dance, play, and come alive. But, as miracle makers, adventurers and sharers of the light, we are just as interested in protecting and caring for our sacred earth as expressing our deepest gratitude for what it gives us.

The amazing news is that choosing a plant-based diet does just as much to fuel our bodies and dreams as help protect the planet. Although we’re not ones for blindly accepting guidelines or facts handed out by the government, a recent and controversial finding is worth the second glance. For the first time since its creation in 1983, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee factored environmental sustainability into its recommendations and it found that diets with fewer animal-based foods were not only healthier but also better for the environment.

“The organically grown vegan diet has the lowest estimated impact on resources and ecosystem quality,” the report confirms.

Beef was the item with the greatest projected impact on the environment alongside cheese, milk and seafood.

Of course, several industries immediately began fighting the committee’s findings claiming that sustainability and the environment should play no part in our mealtime decisions.

We wholly disagree! What we eat impacts every moment of our lives and has a very real effect in how we interact with others and manifest our dreams. Of course it impacts the earth too, and we each have a very real responsibility to protect our earth if we plan on calling it home.

A separate analysis on the water footprint, or the amount of fresh water used to produce a certain item, further fueled our excitement about committing to plant-based meals.

“The water footprint of any animal product is larger than the water footprint of a crop alternative with equivalent nutritional value,” reads a report from water expert Arjen Y. Hoekstra in the journal of Environmental Research Letters.

This and many more analyses show that individuals can make a huge difference in cutting greenhouse gas emissions and water use simply by eating less meat.

That means more room in our diets for fresh, clean hydrating plants from cucumbers to cauliflower that nourish our organs and cells while also hydrating the earth and keeping it in balance.

Imagine how incredible a world where eating well and hydrating yourself actually means caring for and hydrating the Mother Earth as well.

Next time you dig into a Beauty Blend Salad or Sweet Pea Soup, relish in the amazing knowledge that you are helping protect our glorious planet and give back with every bite.

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