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The Energy Source You Need to Tap Into

Let's take a few moments here to celebrate the power that plants have to heal the internal body. Our flora friends provide our bodies with the phytonutrients we need to move, breathe, work, and play. But besides nourishing our bodies daily with its life force, plants can also teach us something about the energetic power that is transmitted on a constant basis.

A recent study done by Biefield University concluded that in addition to converting energy from the sun through photosynthesis, plants can also tap into the energy sources of other plants.

In the study, green algae was unable to gather ample sources of light and water, but rather than wilt and die, it was able to absorb the cellulose enzyme that the neighboring vegetation was secreting and turn that into its own useable energy.

This energetic exchange occurs on a cellular level. Imagine, two plants sitting next to each other with one offering the other sustenance from its own internal source. This unprecedented observation highlights a valuable and humbling truth: besides sunlight and water, community is essential to life and there is an exchange that is happening between all living things all the time.

Well guess what - we're not so different from plants. Osmosis occurs every moment as we absorb the energetic emittance of those around us. Although we are often not conscious of the energies our bodies are collecting from those around us, we end up feeling the echoes reverberate through changes in our emotional state. It's the reason we might feel spontaneously lifted or suddenly drained.

It explains why there are certain people with whom you naturally connect due to a symbiotic exchange of energy, or the inexplicable feeling you get from someone when they walk in the room. Our energies are constantly talking and dancing with others', helping draw us like magnets to those people who can help us grow, while repelled by those who do not. Just like the plant - we've got quite the will to live!

Take it from the tiniest of plants, the algae, for they hold a grand secret. We cannot turn off our predisposition to the energies of those around us, rather we must actively make an effort to surround ourselves with those who fuel our own inner fire, who help us to shine and expand and reach our greatest potential.

This summer, seek out those whose contagious energy makes you want to get up and dance in the sun. Find those that make you want to grow, go, and glow.

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