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The Morning After: Binge Drinking

Long nights that stay warm into the wee hours of the morning, dance parties underneath the sparkling moon, and an orchestra of beetles and waves setting the soundtrack…dancing the night away (in body + spirit) is truly magic.

And amidst all of that magic, we pretty easily and pretty quickly get swept away, which can lead to a few too many glasses of wine or scoops of ice cream.

Even the toughest Sakaralite out there is not immune to the pain of a hot and hangry hangover. We receive the message loud and clear when our bodies are dehydrated and undernourished because they are in a constant process of digestion during which they soak up nutrients and water and discard the rest. Binge drinking, however, temporarily overwhelms this delicate, essential system.

Rather than wallow in the discomfort, nourish your body with electrolytes, rest and even - yes - positive thoughts to keep the drinking demons at bay.The summer is SO much more enjoyable when we learn to balance our late night adventure with hydration, gratitude and joy.

Although we hate to admit it, there is no magical hangover cure (we're working on it!). In the meantime, here are our 5 go to tricks for battling the nastiest of hangovers:

1. Peppermint Essential Oil

This ultra-cooling essential oil is the perfect bedside remedy after you wake up with a pounding headache and aching tummy. Start by placing 5 drops in a glass of cold water and gulping it down to aid the digestive process. Then place two drops on your plams, rub together, and breathe in extra deep allowing the cooling sensation to travel, literally, behind your skin. Finish off by rubbing several drops on your temples and sink back into bed as the cooling effects of peppermint erase the head hurt and tummy troubles as best they can.

2. Quercetin

Quercetin didn’t live up to expectations as a wonder sports supplement, but we’ve personally experienced its power after a night of two or ten too many drinks. This strange sounding word is actually a flavonoid -- a type of plant metabolite (that means a substance necessary for metabolism) -- found in apple skins, berries, leafy vegetables and red wine that's believed to weaken the impact of a hangover. Quercetin, most often extracted from a Japanese tea called Havenia dulcis, was extraordinary effective at minimizing the results of a hangover... in rats. That said, we've tried it and, dare we say even swear by it? Take it first thing in the morning.

3. Wasabi Powder

Word on the street is wasabi power has a strange, powerful, and almost instantaneous results on hangovers. Draw up a bath and swirl in a large spoonful of dissolved wasabi power or dry mustard powder. These (delicious) powders are known to increase circulation and help draw out the toxins - which, unfortunately, are having a dance party in your body right now.

4. Ultra Hydration

Obvious, yes, but the value of drinking lots and lots of water can not be underestimated. This will help your liver and other essential organs process the toxins more efficiently, as well as help flush out some of the inflammation and speed up your body's return to normal cellular function. If possible, opt for mineral water to help your cells drink up. Herbal teas like chamomile can also help soothe your tummy and help with aches.

5. Beauty Sleep

Allowing your body to shut down during sleep frees up more of your energy for repairing the damage done the night before. Make time to sleep for at least 8 hours after a party. Waking up in the afternoon with energy is better than wasting away the day half awake and in pain. If it's too late for that, allow yourself to take a nap!

6. Replenish

Step away from the bacon, egg and cheese. Yes, we are often tempted by our go-to morning-after treat, but it will do little to replenish our weakened, tired, and downright hurt insides. Instead, indulge in a kitchen sink specialty in which you take everything nutritious in sight and create a bowl of fuel for your body, drenched in your favorite Sakara dressing. Don't make your digestive system spend more energy on processing more junk Dark leafy greens – amongst other alkalizing vegetables – will help restore your healthy PH balance (yes, alcohol is quite the toxic friend), boost elimination, and send some much needed hydration to your cells. Add in some healthy fats to slow down - aka increase - the absorption of nutrients by sticking to your stomach lining longer than other macronutrients, and you are on your way to a healthy, sexy glow.

7. Love Yourself

We have all been there the morning after a crazy night. Give your body permission to relax, calm your mind, and love yourself unconditionally. Release any feelings of disappointment, guilt, or regret and flood your body with the permission to love itself and the permission to heal itself. We promise that this practice will get you through that morning when all you can bare to do is roll around in a dark room, helpless, gulping Gatorade. Flood that room with light.

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