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Tarot Tuesday: HOME BASE

Tarot Tuesday is Sakara's bi-weekly series where we take a glimpse into what is happening throughout the universe in order to help you connect with the higher Self. 

This card represents home base: the space we go to at the end of the night when the day is done, mountains conquered, and dreams brought to life. The love and nurture in this space grounds us, while allowing us to play in the waters of life. Pulling this card represents an inner desire to spend time with family and explore new lands while keeping those who represent home close.

Take this evening to look around your space, tidy up, burn some sage, and add one work of art that brings an image of nature — from calming waves to inspiring mountains — into your home. Soak up the sacredness of this safe space, give a loved one a hug, and start combing those airline sites.


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