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A Night With Mara

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We rise rapidly when we fill our consciousness in such moments with thoughts evoking in us admiration, respect and veneration for the world and for life. It is well known to those experienced in these matters that in every such moment powers are awakened which otherwise remain dormant. In this way the spiritual eyes of man are opened. He begins to see things around him, which he could not have seen before. He begins to understand that hitherto he had only seen a part of the world around him.

Excerpt read by Elena Brower from Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and It's Attainment, Rudolf Steiner.

Mara Hoffman is the type of being who builds boulders and then moves them around. Hell, she’ll ride one right down the mountain if she can figure out a way to hold on.

We’ve been a fan of the world she is creating since we laid eyes on her vintage, bohemian, mystical pieces for the very first time. And we have loved watching this world evolve.

A week or so ago, we hosted the launch of Mara’s activewear in the Sakara Loft. The floor was lined in Mara’s first-ever yoga mats (see above!) and the space was pulsing with beauty. We started with a loving, smart, nourishing yoga practice led by Elena Brower, where, as a room, we got to dance around Mara’s new mats. We enjoyed Sakara bites, sipped on our Beauty Water Cocktail and were granted very first access to Mara’s new active wear line.

It was, indeed, an evening that filled our consciousness with "admiration, respect, and veneration", opening up our eyes to see things we could not see before.


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