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Group Text: How do you feel about your vagina?

In Group Text, we ask you to share your tips and tricks in the comments below. We want to know everything.

Growing up, I loved my vagina. It was perfect, pink, delicate, cute, pure and mine. But, as I got older, things started to change. I was taught to keep my vagina hidden, not talk about it with anyone, and most certainly not play with it. Without anything or anyone to compare it to, I assumed it was abnormal and ugly. And then it started to grow hair...

Eventually, I started to consider my vagina a heinous accessory rather than an integral, beautiful part of my body - something I wanted to avoid at all costs. I was feeling less sexual and less interested in sex because of my disconnect to my lady parts, which only resulted in spending less and less time thinking about my vagina. And the cycle continued.

That's why (and when) I decided to start treating my vagina with the same respect I treat my face.

I wouldn't send hate thoughts to my vagina, I wouldn't criticize it in all its natural glory, I wouldn't disregard its cleanliness. My vagina deserved better than that, and if I was working so goddamn hard on getting glowing skin on my face, I was gonna work just as hard on getting a glowing vagina. 

What's your relationship with your vagina? Do you think she's a beautiful rose bud handcrafted by a higher power? Do you think she's a tempestuous tiny Tasmanian devil who just won't cooperate? Are you proud or shy when it comes to showing her off? And - most importantly - what do you do to show her love?

*Yup, show it enough love, and it really does GLOW.

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