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Hair Helpers + Scalp Savers for your Luscious Summer Locks

Between the heat, humidity, sun, salt and styling, your hair is probably taking a bit of a beating these days. And while dumping on dry shampoo can help salvage your style, it’s just a quick fix. To get to the root of it (pun intended) you need to focus on the health of your scalp and strands. Luscious locks are just a few washes, treatments and tricks away.


Skip The Shower ~

There are many misconceptions about how frequently to wash your hair. Here’s the deal: skipping a day or two or even three between shampoos isn’t just a time-saver, it’s also a strand-saver. Shampooing everyday strips your hair of natural oils and can actually lead to overproduction of sebum, making your hair greasier faster. So skip a few days (we won't tell anyone), your strands will thank you.


Rinse ~ 

Every other week, try an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse. Packed with Vitamin B, vitamin C and potassium, Apple Cider Vinegar not only imparts nutrients, it can also restore your hair’s natural pH. Simply mix one part Apple Cider Vinegar and three parts water. After shampoo (skip conditioner) slowly pour the rinse over your scalp and use your fingers to massage it in from root to tips; leave on for 1-2 minutes and rinse with warm water. Finish with a blast of cold water. This smoothes and closes the hair cuticle, boosting shine and sealing in moisture – more moisture equals less frizz.


Massage ~ 

Once a week, give yourself a scalp massage with your favorite essential oil (we like coconut, lavender and jojoba). This removes product buildup, increases circulation and blood flow to your scalp, which promotes hair growth, and helps regulate sebum production, so you can go longer between shampooing without your locks looking greasy.


Treat ~

SheaMoisture African Black Soap Dandruff & Dry Scalp Elixir is our best kept secret. It helps balance and soothe the scalp without leaving any oily residue. This concentrated treatment reduces itching and flaking. It’s super easy to use: part hair in sections, spray elixir directly onto scalp and massage gently. No need to rinse, simply style as desired. Tea tree oil removes buildup, enhances shine and volume, willow bark extract exfoliates and detoxifies, and plantain enzyme calms itching and irritation.


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