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Group Text: Would You Work Out if it Did Absolutely Nothing for Your Physical Appearance?

This is something that I have been thinking about recently.  Do I work out only because I want to be “thin” and “toned” and LOOK good? Would I work out if I never saw any physical results, but still knew that it was good for me/would make me healthier?

After a weekend of delicious Roberta’s Pizza on a field trip out to Bushwick, I made a goal for myself that (besides waiting by the door for my Sakara Life meal delivery) I would workout this week, focusing solely on the health benefits that I receive from working out as my #fitspiration for the week.

No standing in the mirror looking at my abs from different angles to see if I’m growing that 6-pack yet or if the jiggle under my arm is less than it was a few days ago. This week’s workout is purely about the improvements I feel in my body on the inside.

It’s easy to say I slept better and had more energy, but I wanted to get specific so that I could actually measure in my head the real differences I noticed.

1. Strength & Endurance. The 5 flights of stairs up to my 6th floor walk-up felt easier (I actually felt the muscles more in my legs from working them out, rather than from being tired).

2. Digestion Regulated. It took time after the torture I put my body through this weekend, but by the end of the week, I can report that things are back to normal. Having a well-working digestive system makes the biggest difference in how I feel on the day-to-day. Though I think the healthy food intake was a big part of this, and my AZT Enzymes, I still feel that doing yoga aided in the um…elimination process.

3. Better Mood… and Relationships. It’s amazing. When my boyfriend and I both workout we have less disagreements and more energy to have fun together that day! I also feel more inspired to call my family and keep up with friends.

4. Better SEX. I have to share this. Even if I never get a six-pack, I will forever workout my abs (crunches, leg lifts, obliques, the whole deal!) because of the changes I noticed in my sex life. Doing intense ab workouts everyday increased the strength of my abdominal floor muscles which, if used during sex, can lead to even better orgasms!

5. Decreased Stress and Increased Clarity. The gym or yoga studio or wherever I work out has turned into my temple. It is a place where I can clear my mind and listen to what the universe has to say to me. To finish each workout I turn on the Global Chill station on my Pandora and end with some deep long hip openers. It gets my mind and my body to come together and feel as one. The whole world and the stresses of my day wash away, and I feel recharged 

Now it’s your turn. I’m challenging you now, to workout every single day for a week and not look in the mirror or judge your physical appearance when you’re done. Focus on what else working out does for you and use that knowledge in the future to keep motivated. 

Mantra: “I am strong, I am powerful, I am focused."

With love, 


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