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Deskside Acupressure Points

When you're sitting at a desk from 9-5 (and realistically longer than that) the struggle can feel very real. You're tired, hungry, stressed, can't focus, can't stop yawning, and can't stop thinking about those cupcakes sitting in the kitchen. God forbid you indulged in one too many happy hour drinks the night before, and you're now throwing headaches, nauseous, and exhaustion into the mix.

Although things like coffee, deep breaths, and sticking to your rule of 2 glasses of wine can help, sometimes you need something a little deeper and stronger, and you need it fast.

Say hello to accupressure, the ancient Chinese tradition that is about to become your new best friend. Acupressure is basically acupuncture without the needles, using massage at various pressure points to help relieve symptoms and heal the body from the inside. According to traditional Chinese medicine, these acupressure points lay along meridians in your body through which vital energy (chi) flows. There are 12 meridians, starting at the tips of your fingers, traveling to your brain, and connecting to various organs. This means that you can access your kidneys through your palms, your nervous system through the soles of your feet, and your head through your shins.

This also means that you can sit in front of your computer screen in your casual business attire and give yourself a full healing session - all you need is a map, your fingers, and some muscle grease.

These are our top acupressure points you can do right at your desk to remedy any less-than-ideal situation:

Scenario 1: There's so much on your plate, your heart is racing, and you can't catch your breath.

Inner Gate - Measure three fingers-widths down from the center of your inner wrist and apply pressure.


Ears - Gently massage your ear lobes with your thumb and forefinger, pulling down gently and rubbing the surface.


Scenario 2: Didn't sleep enough last night, can't keep your eyes open, and coffee isn't doing anything.

Three Mile Point - Measure two finger-widths below the knee cap and four-widths fingers towards the outside section of your calf


Outer Gate - Measure three finger-widths from the wrist on the top of your arm.


Scenario 3: You decided to venture to that Korean joint on the corner with a C rating, and are now regretting it.

Inner Gate - Measure two and a half finger-widths from the center of the wrist.


Crooked Pond - Locate the point at the very top of the elbow crease, where the edge of the joint is located.


Scenario 4: Not punching your boss in your last interaction took some serious energy.

Central Treasury - Measure two finger-widths above where your arm and chest meet.


Shoulder Well - Locate the point at the ridge of the shoulder, midway between the base of your neck and the top of the shoulder.

shoulder well

Scenario 5. Too. Many. Tequila. Shots. 

Joining The Valley - In the webbing between the thumb and forefinger, located at the highest spot of the muscle when the fingers are closed.

joining the valley

Gates of Consciousness - In the hollow section between the two large neck muscles at the base of the head, usually 2-3 inches apart.

Gates of Consciousness

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