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Radiate From Within: Amanda Chantal Bacon's Top Tips

So how exactly has Amanda Chantal Bacon come to find herself in this place of effortless health, happiness, radiance? See below for her recipe for a life filled with LOVE.



"What I've come up with as my system of what I'm mindful of every day and what I really try to embody is giving out an upward state and eating more raw food. It doesn't mean becoming a raw foodist, but eating as much raw food as I can, and sometimes that means sprinkling raw food over cooked food. Getting that in every day."



"Eating good fats. My diet is more than 60% fat. I eat half a cup of ghee a day, and I'm talking about just on a spoon at this point. Sometimes I'll buzz it into a moon tonicy drink that I make with Sex Dust or Brain Dust and put maca in and cacao and warm water, and I put tons of ghee in it. When I started eating that much ghee my brain turned on in a new way. My hormones, all of a sudden, were in some new balanced harmony that I had just not experienced. My energy levels were through the roof, and I didn't gain weight."



"What I always tell people is I was not always this way. I was not born this way. I think we're all born this way, so yes, in that sense I was born this way, but I went through a long journey to get back into this birthright of happy, healthy, and vibrant. I'm just such a great living example and a testament to the little steps of doing it every day, and you don't have to do everything all at once, and you don't have to throw your life out the window, and I'm not asking people to get rid of all their traditions and everything that they love, but all the little things, all the little actions that you do every day, they really add up. They amount to something incredible."



"Something that I'm still mindful and check in and keep at bay is fear, which I think anyone working on themselves at any point is trying to get through that wall of fear. A lot of times it's quite subtle, but I think I have enough quiet, and I've made enough of a subconscious purge that now it's a daily practice of just scanning the body and clearing the deck daily of any little fearful tension that might have entered the system somewhere. I'm pretty good at body scanning, identifying, and releasing. Diet is also huge for this, from eating adaptogenic herbs every day, to meditating daily, and if I'm really coming up against a gnarly thought form, that's just IN there, I'll do pranayama, and pranayam that shit away. It works."


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