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Sakara's Top Tips for a #SexySeptember

September always feels like a second new year.

As the wild, hot, frenetic summer energy starts to settle, the weather starts to cool, and the grounding effects of the fall start to slow us down, we are all given a blank slate with which to play. Routines come back, goals are set, and so many promises are made that this will be the season we do it. Whether it be the body, relationship, or job of our dreams, this is the season we will accomplish it. We are hopeful, passionate, and geared with the tools to create.

And, boy, do we hear you! 

The energy at this time of year is crazy contagious and we are ready to harness it for some powerful, life-changing, and, dare we say, magical, manifestation! We plan on making this the absolute best, most delicious, and dream-worthy fall to date and the good news is…we plan on taking you with us.

In order to get the most out of this period of creation, productivity, and motivation, we are sharing some Sakara secrets, paired with our favorite mantras to ensure you are staying on track and fueling your days with love along the way. There’s a lot. But boy is there so much potential! And our goal is to help you realize how radiantly limitless you are. Success has never felt so sexy.

1. Make your intentions for the season healthy, positive, and light! Take a moment to look at where these intentions are coming from – what feeling it is that you are seeking and whether it is LOVE or fear that is fueling these desires. The first step in feeling your absolute most radiant + strong + sexy this season is and always will be love. When you set intentions you consciously align yourself with your goals and back them up with the actions, thoughts, and choices you make. Bring your intentions with you everywhere you go until you seep into them and they seep into you.

"I am guided by love, I share love, I am love."

2. Early bird gets the worm. And if you’re not into worms, then know you’ll also get some pretty uniquely precious morning energy that will supercharge the rest of your day. There’s something so very empowering about being up when half the world is still asleep - when the sparkle of the stars is just fading into the morning light, and the earth is taking its first stretches and yawns. You are more focused and precise in the morning because your energy matches that of the earth’s, just waiting in stillness to be molded. There is infinite hope and infinite possibilities. Set your alarm for an hour earlier than usual and use this time each morning to practice learning something new, move your body, or simply sit in your skin and soak in that dewy morning beauty!

"I use the early morning energy to fuel my day with limitless drive."

3. Maximize your time. What activities, work, and relationships do you need to focus your efforts on? What do you do best? Pour yourself into these places in order to optimize your time and produce the best that you can produce. This will mean getting help in other areas of your life and that’s okay! If that means outsourcing your laundry, cleaning, or healthy eating, we promise it will be so insanely worth it in the long run. As always, we’ve got the fuel covered so that you can give 110% to your new year and your sexy you.

"I devote my time and energy to that which I do best, and trust others with the rest. I am enough."

4. Detox. Reform bad habits, let go of harmful relationships, and eliminate negative thoughts. All of these things are not only toxic in your body, but they create roadblocks on your path to self growth, empowerment, and life-changing results. If there is something or someone in your life bringing you down, focus your energy on someone/thing else that will encourage you to be your authentically great self.

"I eliminate sources of negativity in my life and with that release all toxicity"

5. Take responsibility for your thoughts and your actions. You are responsible for your work, for your decisions, and for the mindset you bring to any situation. What you think, you create, so be fully accountable for every thought you make. This means you’re also fully accountable for all the greatness you will create as well. We cannot wait to celebrate with you.

"I am a child of the universe with the power to manifest. What I think I create."

6. Live with gratitude. Be thankful, appreciative, and kind whenever possible and you will experience more strength, energy, clarity, and success than you can even imagine. The next time you find yourself getting frustrated that the subway is delayed again, catch yourself, and find what there is to be thankful for. The fact that you can whiz around NYC quickly and safely is pretty darn amazing in itself. Add on top of that the inspiring people around you and the hardworking body you’re living in that takes you place to place and we’re starting to feel a little spoiled too! There are miracles in the nooks and crannies of every room you visit – you just have to look for them.

"I am grateful for everything I have and welcome each and every lesson and gift this day brings me."

7. Ask for what you want with your thoughts, your words, and your actions. Then get out there, continue to live in alignment with your intention and trust, that everything being done is, in one way or another, helping you get there.

"The universe's plan for me is bigger and better than anything I could dream of."

~Manifest your sexiest body~


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