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Tarot Tuesday: Love, Sex & Companionship

Tarot Tuesday is Sakara’s monthly series where we take a glimpse into what is happening throughout the universe in order to help you connect with the higher Self. 

This is a time for high voltage, passionate energy. This card represents the Love, Sex & Companionship Pillar of the S-Life Mag, encouraging us all to connect deeply to ourselves in order to connect deeply to others. Indulge in areas of self love, so that you can share that love with others. Explore your own sexual energy, so that you can share that with others. Tap into your magnetic, authentic, and compassionate to build an army of people that support, push, and love one another. With the start of a fresh new season, a solar eclipse in Virgo just around the corner, and the bundles of unwavering energies in your possession from a supercharged summer, now is the time to align on your passions and go after them. Make this month about you. Make it about the strong, sexy, empowered love warrior that you are and start changing the lives of others'.


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