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Grounding 101

In honor of Fashion Week here in New York, we thought it appropriate to dispel a little magic trick on your lives to keep you balanced, lively, and connected to all the wearable art that is currently surrounding you. Read below to find out why this trick is important, and how exactly to apply it to your busy life.

Grounding, or earthing, is one of those largely unknown methods of body-loving that raises eye brows and provokes doubt, easily disregarded as more of a “woo-woo” practice than medical validity. But as explorers of the off-beat path, as holistically curious thought-seekers, and as women hungry for medicine that heals the body and the soul, we are open and ready to receive the power of earth's healing energy.

Our immune systems work their hardest when they are supercharged with electrons, which can be obtained in abundance by walking barefoot on the earth. Because our feet are locations for the connected muscular webbing known as fascia, absorbing energy through the feet promotes healing throughout the entire body. The bottoms of the feet have long been considered maps of the rest of the body, so by grounding through the feet we are simultaneously allowing currents of rejuvenating charges to power our vital organs and synchronize the systems of the body. Electrons are also likened to antioxidants in there ability to reduce inflammation and stimulate red blood cell circulation.

Isn’t it interesting that connecting our feet to the ground is a practice that allows for a means of liberation, of upward movement into creativity and away from suffering? It’s as if re-establishing roots in the ground allow us to then take flight in the other aspects of our lives. This life is a balancing act, and grounding provides a physical and metaphorical means of establishing a natural sturdy foundation from which to blossom, grow, create, live.

In an idyllic world, we could all roam free with neither shoes nor care. We are all more innately connected with this earth than living in an urban environment allows us to readily remember. Especially when confined by concrete and eclipsed by high rises, having hands and feet touch the grass for extended amounts of time can be next to impossible. There is always a wood floor, slab of concrete, or a high heel acting as a barrier to conduction. This runs especially true this week, as Fashion Week consumes New York City (and soon enough London and Paris) in much the way a bear out of hibernation consumes breakfast. When one has as much style and swag as you do, it would be a shame not to show off those cute new kicks and all-encompassing hand accessories. Therefore, all the more reason to begin the practice of grounding this week, any moment between the frenzy that you can.

What we can do as an alternative is connect to the earth through the food we eat. Eating locally and organically allows us to absorb the energetic properties from the sun and the soil. We connect back to source through deliberate food choices and the act of mindful eating. Mix that with a little gratitude and you have a recipe for sustained balance, well-being, and natural bliss.

This Fall, as we move into the season of vibrant colors and hydrating foods, approach the food you eat with the deliberate intention to reconnect with mother nature, to ground down and touch the earth with each bite. Imagine, land and sky coming together to nurture your body, mind and soul. How fabulous it is that we get to partake in this gift every day. Now that is a truly grounding thought.

Interesting Post Script Tid Bit: Grounding is also a wonderful way to counteract the effects of jet lag. So next time you travel across time zones (hello again Fashion Week), take a few moments upon arrival to kick off your shoes and dance in the sun. 

*Image via Elle Mexico here

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