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Moon Watch: New Moon Solar Eclipse

The New Moon coming upon us tonight is a (partial) solar eclipse in earthy Virgo, and we’ve all got some serious karmic patterns to purge of. The potential for great healing here is potent, and we’re being called to look within rather than without. Consult your inner Warrior first before you consider taking drastic action to change what’s no longer serving your sweet soul. Darkness can be scary, no doubt, but there is nothing to fear tonight. Instead, be very aware, and you may come to some serious, shattering realizations. Listen in, and feel all. Your answers are coming.


Traits Amplified: Compassion, humility, forgiveness, acceptance, adaptation, change.


Questions to Ask: How can you allow yourself to embrace this darkness without repressing the deeper shadows of your being? Are you willing to move on? How can you begin to make your health stronger? What elements best support your balance and make you feel strong?


What to Go For: Overturn! Turn a new leaf. The side of that leaf that was once serving you no longer serves purpose in your headspace. And, as is the case with eclipses: it’s now or never. Give yourself permission to let go and embrace change. There’s a vast space in this darkness tonight that’s opening you up to make room for the big stuff (the kind that brings you to your knees in reverent joy). Change is hard, we know, but it’s in the act of change that we may fully emerge in Truth and understanding of where to go next and what it is we need to do - for ourselves, and for the ones we hold most dear.


What to Watch Out For: That nagging little voice in your head that tells you that change isn’t possible, that healing isn’t possible, that you'll never be who you imagine yourself to be. Because none of that is true. When - under the shadow this new moon- you surrender your false ego to the Light that is your eternal being, healing happens. Instantly. Do what heals you, do what empowers you, and give up on the rest. The moon goes exact at 11:41pm (EST), so be ready to release, Sakaralite. You’ve earned it.

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