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In honor of the New Moon we just had, and during this in-between phase of New and Full Moon, we’ll be highlighting on how to release any and everything in your life that keeps you from shining bright.


Love, sex, and companionship isn’t always flowers, rainbows, and Orgasms (yeah, big O). Sometimes, it also means dealing with some pretty painful, suppressed stuff. Feelings are things we can’t control. We have a crush, we fall in love, we break up… we’re left feeling like there’s no way in heaven or on earth that we’ll be able to move on. But we can. You can, and you will.

When we fall in love with someone - and are loved back by said someone - we become bound to them by a sort of invisible rope. It connects from our heart center to theirs, and from theirs to ours. Even when we’re physically distanced from the other person, we can feel the rope tugging still. This what it means to be in love. The rope only becomes more colorful, twisted, and intricate as the relationship thickens. Experiencing things together (the good and the not so good) only makes this heart-connection grow tighter, as it takes on new meaning for the soul. But when we break up with said someone, and are left feeling like there’s no way we could ever move on, it’s because the rope has been cut in two. We’re left with one half to a whole that was once a primary reason to get out of bed each day. It’s like losing an arm, or a leg. What was once an essential part of our life-giving, heart-centered being has now been cut away (sometimes with no sight of a repair on the horizon).

Maybe you’ve gone through a recent break up and felt the pain, heartbreak, seclusion…

Maybe you’re single and feel that you have so much love to give, but haven’t yet been given a chance to receive what you deserve to have returned…

Or maybe, you’ve been through a painful break up in the past and are now bound to someone new, yet still get all melancholy about what use to be…

Either way, the learning to release the pain from the cut of the rope can work it’s magic in your favor, when you allow it. Learning to rid of the pain you feel when you’re heartbroken is one of the most essential responsibilities we have to ourselves, and to our future lover. We must learn to love again.

During this period between our recent New Moon Solar Eclipse and the coming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, allow yourself to feel and focus on what aspects of your heart break sting the most.

Recognizing this pain within yourself (be sure not to keep blaming the other person!) is the first step in letting it all go, for good. Move it out through yoga or an intense SoulCycle session. Cry it out by listening to songs that remind you of him / her (yes, this really helps, because it brings all your sad feelings to the surface, and then out through your sobs). Call up your best friend or your mother and get all vulnerable about how you feel (chances are, they’ve felt it too).

The loss of one relationship is the gain of another. Get ready for some serious loving Sakaralite. Your future for it looks bright.

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