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The Scents You Should Be Wearing To Attract Your Perfect Mate

“Nothing revives the past so completely as a smell that was once associated with it.”  - Vladimir Nabokov

Darwin discovered that animal biological compositions contain something called pheromones (a chemical scent that’s naturally excreted from every animal in order to trigger sexual interest in the opposite sex). Darwin discovered this by looking at the way a bull’s nostrils flare when it’s in love. Scientists have since begun to take a second look at how pheromones could work in the human body, and whether or not we really have them. Turns out, we do, and the personal scent we all carry around is the most romantic aroma elixir money can’t buy. Our unique scent is influenced by our immune systems, therefore, we smell best when we feel best. Makes sense, right?

It’s no secret how much we love essential oils, and sometimes, it’s fun to put the perfume bottle down and play around with one or two oils alone to see how they influence our vitality, and our interactions with others. Learning how to mix your personal scent with a few essential oils can raise your vibration, enhance your own sensuality, as well as attract some serious sexuality in your perfect mate.

Here are a few options to get you going:

Sandalwood’s rich, woodsy, warm scent is often used to soothe anxieties during spiritual ceremonies, meditation, and sex. Men especially love the smell of sandalwood, as it’s one of the more erotic aromas that release some seriously heightened phonemes in their already-always-so-turned-on bodies.

Rose, as we’ve bragged about before, isn’t just for the ladies. This sweet, cooling scent attracts both men and women and mixes perfectly with all skin types and doshas. This Queen of Flowers is associated with the heart chakra, promoting lovely feelings of purpose and romance. Place a drop or two on your heart chakra, watch the universe expand before your eyes.

Jasmine has a warm, exotic aroma to it, and has been known for centuries as the oil for attraction. It’s sensual, it’s stimulating, it’s an aphrodisiac, and it’s mildly euphoric. All excellent qualities to keep in mind in the search for a sexy scent. Jasmine heightens initiation in intimacy, and helps to overcome diminishing feelings of self worth.

Neroli has been associated with love since the Victorian Age, when brides frequently wore sprigs of neroli (aka orange blossom) flowers on their big-haired heads. They also carried it in their bridal bouquets, and scattered them around tables and surfaces for enhanced sensuality and to help calm nerves. Whether or not you’re wearing neroli on you wedding night, you can reap the same benefits by dropping a bit onto your skin and clothes. Who know you had so much in common with these chicks?

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