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Hello, Autumn! Why You Should Care About The Equinox Today

Come one, come all, the Fall Equinox is upon us! Autumn has officially arrived. As of 8:20am this morning, you can say ciao to Summer 2015 for good. It was a interesting summer, no doubt. But time goes on, the seasons change before us, and we must follow along to change with them.

Equinoxes (not the fancy gym kind) occur two times a year - once to herald in the Spring (around March 21), and once in the Fall (today). Expect an enchanting 12 hour day that’s equally as enchanting as a 12 hour night. This is not something that happens every day and night - equinoxes are unusual that way. In fact, the term “equinox” is derived from Latin meaning “equal night”. Keep in mind though, that us Northern Hemisphere dwellers are not experiencing the same equinox as those in the South. We get the crisp autumn, while they get the promise of spring. And wanna know something cool? Around 10,000 years ago, there was a total flip flop, where the Northern Hemisphere experienced a spring during the winter months, while the South experienced winter during spring months (the more unfair of the trade). This is because every 26,000 years, Earth’s axis decides to go out and get a little tipsy, and something called a “procession” occurs, therefore flopping seasons. Unless you plan to live for another 16,000 years, you’re safe from Earth’s hangover.

Today, there’s a couple things you can do to make the most of the Fall 2015 Equinox. It’s a time to embrace the change in our crisp air, and plan for what you need come winter. Use this day and night to your advantage. Bring on the pumpkin spice, baby. We’re ready for it.

  • Let nature inspire you to shed the old, and clean up the new. You can also put together a little altar of some of your favorite fall things. Maybe it’s a certain color leaf, maybe it's an essential oil diffuser blasting out your favorite grounding scent (we love palo santo), maybe it’s some photographs of people that make you feel all warm and snuggly inside. Whatever your autumn obsession may be, highlight on it. Shed your summer shell.
  • Reflect upon how far you’ve come. Rather than beating yourself up over the things that you didn’t quite get accomplished but had hoped to over the summer, focus on the things that you did do and did well. That’s what matters right now. Thank yourself, and your Higher Power, for the progress you’ve made in the past few months. Take this into a new season with a new perspective on what it feels like to give yourself unlimited credit for all you’ve done well.
  • Sit back, relax, and read. We’re all about celebration on special days, during special times. And though tonight is one of those very special times, we won’t be out and about. Rather, we’ll be at home with a good book and a night water. Tonight is a great night to set yourself up for some self-care productivity for the coming chilly months. Grant yourself some time to read, write, play, make something and learn something new without having to leave your cozy home.
  • Set an intention, and flood it with inner Light. The autumn equinox brings darkness upon us. Natural daylight while we work becomes increasingly harder to come by. Days become shorter, nights much longer. Tonight is an excellent time to reflect upon your own process of enlightenment (meaning, the transformation into your Highest Self). Traditionally, the autumn equinox is a celebration of the harvest, as summer has just finished bearing her fruits, and we are called to collect and save them for winter. Likewise, we are being called to harvest all the fruits of our latest adventures, and take them into a colder, darker season of life. Set your intention tonight, and soak it all in the light you accumulated this summer. Keep warm.

Change is in the air, Sakaralite. Embrace it, be thankful for it, and get excited about it. Life goes on, and it’s all good.

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