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Find Your Sangha, Warm Your Soul

We are creatures of season as much as we are of habit. As temperatures change, so do our energy levels and our innate desires for interaction and/or solitude. During the cold months our bodies hunker down as our immune systems rev up to fight sickness and keep us going. Naturally, our minds, hearts, and energies follow suit and the tendency is to grow introverted as we seek comfort indoors, in solitude, and in quiet. Though these are experiences that nurture through self-refection, self-love, stillness, and, ultimately growth, the prolonged winter and extremity of weather conditions can easily lead to feelings of loneliness and disconnection. This is not to say you are destined to spend your winter months cold and alone, but that, because you naturally crave less and less time with others, it’s important to prioritize these relationships as we move to winter.

This fall and winter, utilize the darkness to find the people who fuel the fire in your heart and the warmth in your soul. Without the frenetic, busy energy of the summer, use these months to strengthen the chords within your pack, your tribe, your sangha. In sanskrit, the word sangha encompasses the idea of having a community, a circle, a group of people who practice the art of living together. Studies have shown that strong connections with others helps individuals decrease stress, increase self-esteem, and harness more control over their lives. They even have stronger immune systems, which is especially important during colder months! Your sangha supports, loves, and guides you to be the absolute best, most vibrant version of yourself. And you, in turn, do the same for them.

So as we say goodbye to summer, and hello to that refreshingly crisp fall air, keep a little bit of that summer fire alive and remember what’s important.

It’s important to play. 

It’s important to celebrate with light feet and light hearts. 

It’s important – and may be more important than ever – to connect to your sangha.  

Your sangha will keep you warm, nourished, and light all winter long.

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