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Problem Solved! Sakara Life City Guides for Date Night Digs

Where to go?! What to do!? Such is the eternal date night question. Delicious (and not to mention health conscious) new restaurants are popping up on corners in Sakara cities almost daily. To make the answers to your date night questions come a little easier, we've curated a list of some of our favorite date night digs across the country. Get out, experience, enjoy yourself, and don't forget to savor every last abundant bite (and sip, and kiss).  In NYC Angelica's Kitchen This little restaurant located in NYC’s East Village is like walking into an old French Home. The vibe is warm and welcoming, every season of the year. The menu is fully vegan, extensive, and fabulous. There is something for everyone (including some great organic vegan wines), and a dessert menu to absolutely drool for. Tip: order at least two cornbread’s. You won’t be sorry. ABC Cocina ABC Cocina is the funky Mexican sister to ABC Kitchen. The restaurant is attached to ABC Home + Carpet, so if you’re feeling especially spendy after your meal, take a walk through the magical space. The menu puts a wellness-focused twist on traditional Mexican food. Do not skimp on the guac with sungold tomato salsa. Beauty & Essex Guys, Beauty & Essex is just beyond. It’s like walking into a fairytale. There are two floors, with an immaculate black staircase connecting the two. The art work takes you through childhood dreams and ignites adult fascionatoin. The food (which is equally as immaculate) comes out family style. So order a variety of things for the table, and just enjoy each plate together as it comes out. Sometimes, there’s even free champagne in the bathroom ;) Seriously. Babuji NYC Modern Indian cuisine in the heart of NYC? Yes, please. The vibe in this place is as positively palatable as they beautiful dishes they serve. Each dish is unique and flavorful. If you and your date are feeling adventurous and want to order a couple things that neither of you have had before, this is the place to do it. The combinations are delectable, not to mention nutrient dense. Score. In Boston Beehive The Beehive in the South End of Boston and has a super eclectic vibe. There’s live music, and most food is local. The cocktails are some of the most delicious in the Boston area too. Try the Valentino Martini. Bet you can’t have just one. There’s an artichoke and spinach lasagna, zaatar roasted brussels sprouts, veggie moroccan couscous, seared salmon… need we go on? Neptune Oyster Neptune Oyster in the North End. It’s a cozier spot, with the arguable the freshest seafood in the city. The clam chowder is a must have, and if you’re up for it, order the daily special, and ask for the best wine to pair your seafood with! They’ll give great suggestions. Drink Drink is an excellent date spot located in Boston’s Seaport. The vibe here is perfect for first dates, or the few thereafter. Everywhere you look is a charmingly curated surface, with out of this world cocktails. They’ll be able to make you anything you desire, though, the extensive menu may be enough. Whatever you’re mood, they’re sure to deliver.   In DC Nora's Nora’s restaurant is one of Michelle Obama’s favorite spots, and we can see why. It’s the perfect mix of classic American cuisine, with an innovative, well-ness derived vibe. The plates come in health portions full of a balanced array in nutrients. All machinery in the space runs off of Direct Energy, a 100% wind energy source. There’s even a page on the menu emphasizing their importance of organic, biodynamic food, and local foods. Count us in. Elizabeth's Gone Raw Finally, raw food your man will eat too. Elizabeth’s Gone Raw is a colorfully vibrant experience, and one that’s bound to ignite joy and seamless conversation on a date. Be sure to share a raw dessert. It’ll be one of the best you’ll ever have. Guaranteed. Estadio Estadio DC is a Spanish inspired space of enjoyment and vibrancy - just like the Spanish culture likes it. Nights here are busting and inspiring. Good wine, great food, and even better people make for a memorable date. The menu is tapas style, so be sure to order a couple different plates to share as they come out.   In Philly Talulas Garden Talulas Garden feels like going home. The environment is welcoming, and the food is equally as comforting as it is energizing. Plates are beautifully balanced, and the ceiling reads “A garden brings life and beauty to the table.” The outdoor garden is refreshing to enjoy in the spring and summer time. Go soon before the city freezes over! Zahavr Zahvar is a total experience to be had, especially with a table for two. The plates are fabulous and seriously delicious. If you’re a hummus fan, you’ll be in heaven. Try all sauces, veggies, grains, and salads. There’s nothing to not be had with the variety here. Noord Noord’s dinner dates feel like a fun Sunday brunch, only better (though, they do put on an excellent brunch as well). There’s something for everyone on the menu; with an array of fresh seasonal veggies, salads, proteins, grains, and great wine. Don’t know what you’re craving? You’ll figure it out here.   In LA Pine and Crane Pine and Crane is a Taiwanese restauraunt located in Silver Lake, LA. All food supplied to the restaurant is supplied by the chef’s family farm, so if you’re into local, this place is a must try. They have a cold bar of appetizers that are all pickled veggies, mushrooms, and seasonal greens like chrysanthemum. Also, noodles. SQIRL SQIRL LA’s vibe is calm, cool, and collected. Seriously, this place easily brings you to a place of joy and awareness. Toasts, sweets, rice bowls, veggies, sandwiches… there’s a bit of the best of everything - all with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options. Though, the crispy brown rice bowl with a packed egg is a flavor and texture bomb to be savored. Sip on a tumeric tonic or rbhard lemonade while you’re at it. Gracias Madre Gracias Madre is a fully vegan Mexi spot in LA, and you’ll never miss the meat. The ambiance is perfect - especially for a date - and their margaritas are arguably the best in town (and, or ever). Start with the salsa trio, get the black bean burger, and any of the bowls (uno, dos, tres). All are great, healthy, and come with backed with super nutrients like quinoa, kale, roasted squash, pesto cashew creme, pumpkin seeds… Truly can’t go wrong with Madre. Plant Food & Wine Plant Food and Wine LA was started by Matthew Kenney, the founder of Pure Food and Wine NYC, so naturally, it’s going to be amazing. The atmosphere is that of a fine dining, date night special, but with the accessible vibes of a small cafe, and an emphasis on holistic healing and health. The fingerling potato poutine is… may we say… insane. The whole menu is curated with vegan versions of decadent dishes.

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