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Saying Goodbye to Sweet September

As our month of celebrating love, sex, and companionship draws to a close, we’re taking a moment to reflect on how our lives change when we decide live heart-first.

The seasons are changing, and so are our hearts. We’re becoming softer, and looking deeper within than without.

When you love someone, your brain’s serotonin levels rise, promoting a sense of calm and well-being that extends into the rest of your life. This month, we learned that love will never change. It is the constant peace and strength all around that carries us through the shadows, the darkness, all that backwards spinning, and the into the light. Though restless nights are getting longer, we're feeling the buzz of a sustainable energy source, leaving us to work late into the night on creative projects that fuel the soul. Lots of sleep is delicious, but that's what winter hibernation is for, right? We're not there yet. Now is the time to use the ingrained energy you feel to make room for curiosity, welcome unfamiliar gifts, and tap into the kindest, gentlest version of y-o-u.

When you love yourself, you feel safer and more secure, thereby cutting down your levels of cortisol - the stress hormone - which may protect you from heart disease and inflammation, while improving digestion and clarity.

When you love your food, your brain sends stimulating signals to your digestive system, so that your body metabolizes more efficiently (think: burns more, stores less).

With the close of this sweet September, we're celebrating love, sex, and divine companionship by sending you the meals that won your heart, straight to your front door, with LOVE. That's right, Top List is back! You voted and we listened. One last week of all your favorite Sakara dishes from this summer, packed into one delicious, loving week.

Goodbye September, HELLO OCTOBER! We're ready for you. Come + get us.

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