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#Aboutlastnight: 15 Things We learned from our Wellness Wednesday Event

Couldn't make it to the Sakara Wellness Wednesday event last night? Don't worry, we're sharing our favorite nuggets of wisdom from our amazing panelists (aka top #ladycrushes) just for you: Keri Glassman, Dr. Robin Berzin, and Alisa Vitti. Here, we've rounded up our 15 favorite points from the night, all yours for the taking...

  1. Take B100 complex, Vitamin D3, and magnesium (citrate to help go to the bathroom!) everyday.
  2. Don't just buy any supplements, go to an MD, ND, or RD to find a pure supplement line.
  3. If you're not used to getting all your protein from plants, you may need to eat some animal protein to balance your microbiome before going fully plant based.
  4. Fiber, protein, and fat slow down the spike in blood sugar caused by solo sugar intake - so always eat the latter with the former to avoid a sugar bomb!
  5. Your microbiome is officially the largest organ in the body (move over skin!) weighing about 5 pounds.
  6. Take probiotics at night to give your digestive system a little R&R while the body regenerates through sleep.
  7. What you eat and how you feel affect your microbiome - - - your microbiome affects what you eat and how you feel.
  8. Meditate standing up first thing in the morning.
  9. Sleep is more important than exercise. Sleep is more important than exercise. Sleep is more important than exercise.
  10. Plan your dating life around your cycle: 50-shades first 2 weeks, love-me-tender second 2 weeks.
  11. Throw out your vibrator. You have hands for a reason.
  12. Spend 20 minutes at least once/week pleasuring yourself slowly. Don't always finish. This will help balance your hormones.
  13. A calorie is just a measurement of energy, not nutrients. Therefore not every calorie is equal! Eat for nutrients, not for calories.
  14. If you eat a majority of whole, plant based, whole grain foods, then you're getting enough nutrients, and your body won't feel the need for gluten all the time (though every once in a while is okay!).
  15. We throw around the word "balance" a lot, but it's interpreted as an inner and an outer harmony. Learning to balance your feminine energy through every (fyi there's 4) stages of your monthly cycle is key to maintaining this balance, and having access to the creation matrix.

Enjoy, Sakaralites, and we'll see you at the next Wellness Wednesday!

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