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Spirulina... So Now What?

The adventure to health and wellbeing shouldn't have to be intimidating, or inaccessible. That's why we're here for you, over every mountain. We throw all these mind-body-spirt transforming superfoods your way... so now what?! Welcome to a new S-Life series, where every three weeks, we'll seed some ideas in your omega-fueled brains as to how your individual diet can sprout the benefits of these whole, nutrient dense foods. We'll teach you how, when, and where it's best to get these guys in... seductively. #EatCleanEatWhole 

Over the past couple years, superfoods have made an impressive name for themselves as being the key to the cool crowd - because they deserve it!

Oh you take Colloidal silver, Spirulina, Ashwaganda, Triphala, Aloe Vera, Schizandra Berry, He Shou Wu, Maca, and Neem all before breakfast? Well damn, I should get on that too.

But there is so very much conflicting information out there on what we should be taking and when. It’s come to a point where we (almost daily) find ourselves asking “Okay, how the hell can I squeeze everything into my diet every single day?!”. We convince ourselves that unless we’re super strict with our supplements and vitamins and herbs, then there’s no way we’ll ever be who we imagine ourselves to be. But this is wrong - so very wrong. It is in your individual necessity and unique creativity surrounding food that makes you the most alluring, interesting human on earth. It is simplicity, intention, and proper digestion that really offer you the benefits you seek.

Get back to basics, baby - as often as you can. When you feel this sense of urgency come on, use it as an opportunity to re-asses what it is that you really need, and then find a creative way to incorporate it into your already tailor-made-to-unique-you diet.

Be simple with it… get creative with it… and above all, enjoy it! Life is too short not to enjoy your nutrients, and it is certainly too short to be quickly swallowing them in foreign form. A fun and quick way I like to get creative with superfoods and herbs is by asking myself "How would Cleopatra use this?" She didn't toss back the supplements every day - she bathed in them.

Smell, see, taste, touch, soak. Make it all yours.

In this version of So Now What? we’ve got a few tips and tricks for how to get the most popular blue-green algae around (aka Spirulina) into your already delicious diet:

  • Throw a pinch of Spirulina powder into whiter, creamier colored smoothies. It’ll create a nice and light minty-green color. You could even throw in a few mint leaves to really get that mint flavor going!

  • Toss a good bit of Spirulina Crunchies onto your salad, or inside a Nori Taco. Don’t be afraid to go ham here... they add surprisingly sweet, yet never overpowering, flavor to whatever they’re mixed into. These crunchies are also decadent sprinkled on top a big bowl of juicy seasonal fruits.

  • Mix a couple teaspoons of the powder into banana “nice-cream”. Go as heavy or as light with it as you wish.

  • Make Spirulina lemonade! Squeeze a couple organic lemons with a natural sweeter (stevia, honey, agave, the works), pink Himalayan salt, and a few teaspoons of Spirulina powder - mix through a blender, and pour over ice. Fressssh.

  • Mix the powder into your favorite nut butter, spead on toast, or in-between banana slices to make a Spirulina x Banana sammy.

  • Make this cleansing green soup. Especially when the wind is ruffling and the snow is starting to fall.

  • Mix a teaspoon or two of the powder into home-made guac. Now that’s what I call a party.

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