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The Love Behind Sun Potion


"Learn to experience the energy of the plants you gravitate towards. Cultivate a relationship with them. That's when they begin to do beneficial things for you."

Question. Have you ever met someone, or a couple someones, that shake up your world the instant you meet them? A love-at-first-sight experience, sans the romanticism but inhabiting all the light, all the awakening, and all the magic someone has to offer? Well we just did, and we need you to meet them too.

Meet our dear friends Scott and Nitsa, the brilliant brains behind Sun Potion. You know how they say what’s inside, must come out? That the results of your aesthetic, world, possessions and creations, are all a result of the beauty and truth within? Well, the raw power and beauty you experience with Sun Potion is a direct result of these two beings.


It all began when Scott embarked on a personal journey of universal connectivity (no big deal). He grew up in main-stream Minnesota and made his way to LA - just to leave LA for the woods, spend a good chunk of time hiking barefoot with Mother Nature, and live in communities of like-minded explorers (life teachers, if you will). Here, hissunpotion_scott_sakaralife_2 heart and mind were opened to the healing worlds of essential oils, Taoist internal alchemy practices, ancient Egyptian rituals, raw foods… the works. For years, he played with complex plant mixtures and greens powders, eventually awakening to the importance of quality over quantity when working with the food as medicine powers of the earth. Upon learning that his body did not jive with complexity, he began experimenting with single ingredients, and fueling himself with only the most bio-available, high quality extract versions of transformational foods - sun potions.

Fast forward a bit when Scott was living in Santa Barbara where he happens upon Nitsa at a restaurant where she worked. The two formed an instant connection (again, a love-at-first-site experience plus the romanticism). She jumped on board as Creative Director, Sun Potion took off, and the rest is now in our steaming cups of Ashwaganda x Anandamide tea.

The now-engaged couple is a living, breathing, GLOWING representation of Sun Potion, attracting you to them with their authenticity, peaceful nature, and love.

When asked to describe Nitsa, Scott says: "Creative, Empowered, Evolving... and Awesome! Nitsa and I are partners in creating a toroidial, generative, positive & fun life experience. It is wonderful to be together."

When asked to describe Scott, Nitsa says: "Golden, Alchemical, Emperor. Scott is important to me on many beautiful and ever-unfolding levels. We share a life, we collaborate in business work and play, and I am constantly learning from him. The growth we have inspired - even demanded at times- in each other is pretty amazing.... I trust and adore him completely."

All words we would use to describe Sun Potion. 




Scott photographed by Nitsa










Nitsa photographed by Scott




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