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Cosmic Cleanse: Let's Get Vulnerable

In honor of the New Moon we just had, and during this in-between phase of New and Full Moon, we’ll be highlighting on how to release any and everything in your life that keeps you from shining bright.

“The dark does not destroy the light; it defines it. It's our fear of the dark that casts our joy into the shadows.” -Brené Brown


Why are you so afraid of being seen?

Relationships are hard. Friendship is hard. Love is hard. Life, my friends, can be quite hard. But why is that? Why do we make things so much more difficult on ourselves than they need to be?

We try our best to be a good friend, lover, spouse, child, co-worker, etc. Yet sometimes, it just doesn’t work out. Wires get crossed, feelings get hurt, misunderstandings take precedent and ruin moments that we expect to remember with bliss. We cross wires because we are different; because we don’t all think the same things, or want the same things. We cross wires because we are different souls on different missions, and we have different stories to tell. And all of this is okay, because it’s in vulnerability that we get the chance to make amends, and let ourselves be seen, known, and trusted. Letting ourselves be vulnerable is how we find the light.

How else are we to learn the value of a great relationship, when we don’t know what it feels like to be in a bad one?

How can we be a great friend, if we don’t know what it’s like to be a not so great one?

How can we know how to be a deep lover, if we don’t know what it’s like to get hurt?

This space between New and Full Moon is special, because it is a symbolic reminder that we cannot know the light unless we have experienced the dark, and likewise, we cannot know the dark unless we have experienced the light.

The recent New Moon brought up some difficult, unbalanced relationship issues. It also may have brought up some old emotions and (false) feelings of unbelonging and hurt. Symbolically, the New Moon brought darkness, and highlighted on some unbalance in relationships across all pillars of life. It’s in this special time that we now get to find our balance again, take the darkness for what it is and learn some tangible, specific ways to blind it with light.

Maybe a good friend has made you feel self conscious and unworthy with her words (or silence) - balance this out by bringing up why this hurt you and say how you feel. Get vulnerable, get real.

Maybe your lover hurt you with their actions (or lack of action) - balance this out by asking for what you need from them, without being fearful that you may not get it back. Get vulnerable, get real.

Maybe your boss hurt you by putting down your laboring efforts (or didn’t give you any credit for said efforts) - be courageous enough to speak up for what you've done and what you dream. Get vulnerable, get real.

Shine your brightest light on these hard relationships. Focus on all the good, and banish the bad. The bad cannot survive in the light… this we know for sure. Highlight again on all the goodness that brought you two together in the first place!

Your hard relationships want vulnerability. They’re begging for the light. The Full Moon comes next week (the 27th since we’re learning to be more specific here), bringing this all to cultivation and revealing all the love and warmth that’s been hiding away since the New Moon last week. Get vulnerable, Sakaralite - your relationships need it.

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