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Switch This for That: Coffee + Tea Extras for an Exceptionally Brighter Morning

Rise and shine, Sakaralite! How are you today? Excited for coffee and tea? US TOO!

It's especially easy to get fastened tight into a morning routine (and don't get us twisted, morning routines are marvelous!) but every once in a while, it's exciting to switch things up without having to veer too far off of your usual day-to-day, cherished grind. The morning time is the perfect time to flood the bod with adaptogens, vitamins, and minerals.

Venti order of a metabolism boost, brain superpowers + sustainable stimulation? Coming right up...

For the coffee drinker, try skipping out on the whole milk, and sprinkle in a bit o' this instead:

~ 1 TBS coconut oil + a sprinkle of cinnamon + a few drops of stevia 

~ 1 TBS ghee + a sprinkle of cardamom + a few drops of stevia

~ Hemp milk + 1 tsp he shou wu + 1 tsp rhodiola


For the tea drinker, try upping the antioxidant power of your fave tea by mixing in:

~ 1 TBSP prash + 1 tsp anandamide + a heaping teaspoon of ashwaganda

~ 1 TBSP coconut oil + a heaping tsp of ashwaganda + a few drops of stevia

~ Almond milk + 1 TBSP prash + 1 tsp mucuna pruriens


    Drink up, lovers! Seize the day! xo 

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